Delay in supply of toners hits issue of documents

Delay in supply of toners hits issue of documents

Private centres too affected by server problems, worsening woes

 Here is one more example of official apathy. Farmers, seeking RTC and other documents are being made to visit the Bhoomi Kendra a number of times as the printers have gone kaput since a week.

RTC is an important document required by the farmers for seeking loans and other purposes. As the toners have gone dry and have to be replaced, the documents are not being printed.

The farmers usually visit Bhoomi Kendras seeking copies of RTC and Mutation Register. The printer at the old tahsildar’s office in Mandya is not in working condition since a week as the toners have not been supplied. The farmers visiting the center daily are disappointed as the centers have downed shutters. However, officials have been assuring that the toners will be supplied in a day or two.

Private centres - Chirag - have been opened in nine places in the district for the benefit of the farmers seeking RTC. But some of the centres have had server problems, and have not able to issue the documents. Moreover, those who are in urgent need of RTCs are approaching these centres and as a result there is a huge crowd here.

But these Chirag centres issue only RTCs and the farmers have to approach Bhoomi Kendras for Mutation Register.

Atalji Janasnehi Kendras have been opened in 38 places in the district including Nada Kacheris, which issue RTC and 30 other documents. But these too are dogged by server problems.

One of the farmers, Siddaraju from Gopalapura, said that he had been visiting Bhoomi Kendra and Chirag centres seeking RTC, but he had been turned away with the staff citing technical glitches.

Tahsildar Priyadarshini said that the toner problem was being addressed and that the district administration was expecting supply of the same soon. Meanwhile, the farmers can seek RTC from Nada Kacheris, she added.

However, Deputy Commissioner Ajay Nagabushan said that the tenders invited for the supply of toners had been cancelled. Tenders would be invited again and the problems would solved in a couple of days, he added.