A year on, Jyothi yet to regain her strength

A year on, Jyothi yet to regain her strength

November 19, 2013 is one day that she will remember forever. Banker Jyothi Uday, victim of the grisly attack at ATM kiosk in the City, however, now has a piece of advice for all her friends.

She tells her acquaintances step only into crowded ATM kiosks and be more alert.
On the fateful day, Jyothi Uday (45) had entered an ATM near the crowded Corporation Circle area only to be brought out brutally wounded.

She suffered severe facial and head injuries after she refused to pay the attacker the sum he demanded.  Even a year after the terrifying incident that left the City shocked, the suspect is at large.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Uday Kumar, Jyothi’s husband said that even as her condition was near normal, she was still on medication. While her daily activities have not been hampered much, she is yet to regain her original strength, the spouse said.

“She is on a hectic 9 am to 8 pm shift. Initially, for three months, she was unable to work for such long hours. Now, she is able to cope. She is still on medication,” he said.

However, he added, “There are still a few limitations. She is unable to lift heavy objects and loses balance sometimes because of which she is restricted from riding a two-wheeler.”

Even as clear CCTV footage has been gathered from the scene of crime, the suspect has not been nabbed.

“Two months ago, we were called to identify the suspect. That is the last we heard from the police,” he said. He also said that Jyothi had been bold as ever and does not fear entering an ATM kiosk.

“She tells her friends and relatives to be alert while entering ATMs and also advices them to go to crowded kiosks,” he explained.

Recalling from his memories about the horrifying day, Uday said that he was on the way to Mysore when he received a call from a policeman informing him that Jyothi had been rushed to Vani Villas Hospital. “Even in that critical condition, she had so much of will and presence of mind that she gave my contact number to those who were shifting her to the hospital,” he said.

“I immediately got in touch with one of our mutual friends who lent a helping hand before I could catch the next train in the opposite direction and come back,” Uday added.

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