New weapon to battle the bulge

New weapon to battle the bulge

Have you been dreaming of the day when you can lose those love handles, that paunch and that double chin quickly? Lipolysis experts claim to have come up with the right strategy to deal with stubborn cellulite.

Advertised as a ‘lunchtime’ procedure, lipolysis is the current fad among those who spend hours agonising over their body.
Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Charu Sharma says, “After Mumbai, Bangalore seems to be most taken up with lipolysis technology. The myths and fears of liposuction are history. Laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive fat removal technique for those who want an alternative to the surgeon’s knife.”

According to Dr Sharma, the procedure takes an hour or two, and targets removal of localised fatty deposits, which are resistant to dieting or physical exercise.
Double chins, love handles, inner thighs, hips, upper arms, ankles, upper and lower abdomen are the areas targeted through the treatment.
“A fine canula (tiny tube) is inserted into the body using a minimal invasive (less than 1/2 cm) technique through which a powerful laser is beamed to break the fat cells,” explains Dr Sharma. The laser seals off minor blood vessels and helps in tightening and smoothening the skin.

What are the risks?
“Smokers and people suffering from thrombosis need to exercise some caution before signing up for the treatment due to the risk of sudden and profuse bleeding. Even the healthy few who opt for the procedures need to ensure that it is carried out in absolutely hygienic conditions,” cautions Dr Ramesh, dermatologist.
He explains that lipolysis is done under local anaesthesia and patients may report swelling that could last for more than two weeks. “Even mild bruises will take time to vanish. Fat cells are destroyed by this procedure, but if the patient goes on a binge eating spree, the weight is sure to come back,” he adds.
Dr Swamy from Bangalore Institute of Oncology says: “Signing up for such procedures repeatedly is inviting trouble. Teenagers who are obese should avoid such short cut methods. The best way to melt fat is to sweat it out.”

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