Breaking all the barriers

Breaking all  the barriers

Still a man’s world

Kushal, a commerce graduate from Cathedral PU College, feels that though women nowadays are career-oriented, India still has a long way to go. “Many women don’t enter workforce and those who do, don’t always shatter the glass ceiling.

Rampant job segregation, discrimination and sexual harassment are some of the reasons. Most women don’t enter the mainstream or top jobs due to the existence of male chauvinism. This demoralises them. Stricter laws should be implemented and the perception that women are weaker should change.”

Tough personalities
Karthika Nair, a final-year student of CMR Law College, says that women are breaking the glass ceiling and entering male-dominated professions because of the changing social and political contexts. “People are more aware of how important it is for women to work. Women play the roles of a good daughter, wife or mother all their lives. Hence, it is not hard for them to enter tough professions and prove themselves.” 

Subjective concept
Abhishek Narang, a second-year BBM student from CMRIMS, believes that the term ‘glass ceiling’, which is an artificial barrier that prevents women from moving upward, is subjective. “The term is used in the corporate field quite often. However, it can be perceived differently by each person. For a woman who is restricted from going out of her house, leaving the house is equivalent to breaking the glass ceiling.”   

Efficient skills
Arqham, a BBM student from CMR Institute of Management Studies, feels that to enter professions that are male dominated education plays a very important role. “Women should be educated and people need to be made aware of their capabilities. In a job, it’s all about delivering ideas and strategies. For a woman, a house itself is like an industry and she will be very efficient if she exhibits her skills outside too.”

Actions speak louder
Adeline, a second-year BBM student from CMRIMS, feels that women perform better than men in every field. “Some men look down upon women but when a woman enters a certain profession, her actions speak louder. Women need to be empowered so that they are self- sufficient. Even in the toughest job of all, a woman can achieve a lot.”

In the olden days, women would rarely work due to a number of reasons. They were
either busy with family commitments or bogged down by societal constraints. However,
the scene is different today as they are breaking the barriers to scale high. Youngsters talk about how women are breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ and entering male-dominated

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