Radhika's boating mishap


Radhika's boating mishap

Recently, she even had to do a daring stunt for the film in Shimsha, near Mysore and was in a fix while shooting for it. Radhika was supposed to row a coracle when a mishap occurred.

Says Radhika about the misadventure, “The currents were strong and the water was flowing fast. While I was rowing, the coracle slid over a rock due to strong currents, and water started flowing into it and it became heavy. Actually, the coracle was tied to a nearby rock but I still panicked. Out of confusion, as to what to do next, I untied it and it started moving swiftly in the water. It got heavier and heavier at the same time because of all the water.”

However, Radhika is quick to mention the real heroes who brought her out of the turmoil.
She says, “The real heroes — our stunt men, quickly dived into the water without thinking twice about their safety.

In spite of the strong currents, they came and saved me. Moreover, I was wearing cotton clothes and felt heavy as I tried to pull myself back to position. I am so thankful to them.” Post the accident, Radhika says, “Those minutes were the longest in my life. I
didn’t know what exactly was happening and felt quite lost. I was also a little scared to do this scene again. But everyone supported me and I was able to do it well the next time and completed it successfully.”

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