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Separation leads to distortion

  Formation of a separate Telangana will lead to distortion of the Indian nation. After separation the new states will quarrel with each other and the centre will not be able to dictate its terms .The intervention of foreign forces will increase day by day. They will fuel the internal feuds and will brand them as international problems .The centre will not be able to play an effective role in such quarrels and it will become weaker and weaker

 Now to calm this turmoil all the separatist leaders should be arrested and put behind the bars on the charges of anti national activity. Apart from allocating a separate budget for such states the  Andhra-ites who are well off should  be surcharged for the development of Telangana region .Before conducting an All party meeting of Telangana leaders ,the home minister should conduct  a meeting of all separatist leaders .The home minister should enlighten them about the  fall out of the formation of  new states .




Handle with maturity

This is with reference to the government’s decision to call for all party talks on the issue of separate state of Telengana .The issue of Telangana has brought us global shame as recently USA has issued an alert to the tourists visiting India. All party talks are a golden opportunity before the centre government and the Andhra Pradesh’s political leaders to build consensus and chalk out a solution. They need to work for the peaceful resolution of the present crisis that has brought the Andhra Pradesh to stand still.

 The students groups, media and representatives, should take this opportunity to create a positive atmosphere. Owing to the plurality and integrity of the nation the issue of separation needs a sustainable resolve without letting the dissension spread to other territorial disputed places. The centre needs to display maturity in accommodating interest of all parties and bringing back Andhra Pradesh to normalcy.

 Let us make this New Year our resolution as well as our endeavor to promote ourselves as ambassadors of one nation, one state, one religion, and one family before the world by rising above selves.

 A very Happy New Year!

 Syed Khaja

Old Rajender Nagar

New Delhi-60


Beggary on the rise

 There is a steep rise in beggary and children are made cheap targets for begging. This is not just in the city of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai but also through out the country. These beggars move around in groups but are scattered in such a way that one cannot figure out the beggar mafia that’s working in the country.
There is a need to rehabiliate the beggars and also look into rehabilitating the child beggars, many of whom are made targets by parents to supplement the family income.

 Cajetan Peter D'Souza

Pantnagar, Ghatkopar [East],

Mumbai 400 075



Mystery deaths

 The mystery that surrounds the tragic death of two budding scientists in the conflagration at the BARC, reminds one of a couple of similar incidences in the history of nuclear research in the country. One of the topmost scientists in the field died in a plane crash, which was suspected to be an act of sabotage. The other genius, equally gifted and talented, met his death under suspicious circumstances at a resort in one of the Southern States of India.

Arun Malankar,
Sunder Nagar No 3,
Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098


 Exercise in regime change

 Tony Blair’s recent comments that the UK would have in any case attacked Iraq even if Saddam Hussein did not have WMD’s is enough evidence that the Iraq war was conceived as an exercise in regime change and as ex-President George W Bush’s maladjusted desire to seek revenge against Saddam Hussein for the perceived slights against his father as a consequence of the first Desert War when Iraqi forces had overran Kuwait.

 It is quite stupefying that for these finicky reasons the elected leaders of the two countries that comprise the US, the most powerful democracy and the UK, the longest serving democracy in the world, went and attacked a country like Iraq which has now lasted more than six years with casualties variously estimated to be more than a half a million in Iraq. The invading nations converted the entire country into a cauldron of strife comprising of terrorist mayhem, factional infighting among religious groups - turning a once fair nation proud of its rich past and heritage into a nation of beggars living off the mercy of the rich nations of the West.

It is a wonder that the alternative of just taking out Saddam Hussein and his family and thereby saving the rest of the population of Iraq  never struck the cowboys, Bush and Blair, since then the human and material cost of this extended war would have been much less.

In a larger context to ensure that the world does not see similar situations of precipitating armed conflict between nations of clearly dissimilar strengths, the Bush/Blair duo need to be punished. This will effectively put to rest the desires of elected leaders of democratic nations of committing their resources and causing untold human agony just to satisfy their personal whims like the chieftains and kings of yore.

S Kamat AG

Sabnis Palace Alto Betim,

Bardez Goa 403 521,

Double tragedy

 Kannada film industry got the double shock during the fag end of 2009.  Sri C.Ashwath, The versatile singer who mesmerized listeners with his captivating voice for the poems of Santa Shishunala Sherif and poems of several poets breathed his last.  The very next day angry-young man Dr Vishnuvardhan passed away suddenly.  His roles in Nagara Havu, Bhootayyana maga Aiyyu, Hombisilu, Bandhana were all classics.  His recent role in Aapta Mitra resurrected  the sagging Kannada Film industry.  Both these artistes carved a niche in the film industry attracting several fans towards them.

3rd Cross, Maruti Extension,
Bengaluru 560 021


We were very sad to read the demise of acotr Vishnuvardhan. We still cherish his rolwe in Nagarahavu as Ramachari.  He was always gracious in public. He was able to survive as an actor(like Amabrish) overcoming the tyde of Rajkumar. Similar good actors like Ashwath, Usayakumar, Rajesh or Kalaynakumar had to give up main roles and had to accept senior roles. As married couple he and Bharathi lead a very impressive family life. He never entered the political arena and always maintained dignity.
Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members. It was a strange coincidence that in Last September we bought the films DVDs from Sapna Book Stall a booj store and all othe three films happened to be of Vishnuvardhan. We watched the movies yesterday and felt how good an actor he was. It is a great loss to Kannada Industry which fortunately is seeing so many young actors during the last 15 years.

6016 Creekstone Lane
Centreville  VA 20120


Meaningless inquiry

After 19 years in deep slumber, for which no one will certainly be held responsible, the Chandigarh Administration has initiated a meaningless inquiry against the school that allegedly ousted Ruchika from the school.

Meaningless inquiry? Yes. Because who does not know that the convicted molester. a highly influential man has successfully diverted the legal proceedings of the infamous Ruchika case, through his political clout and intimidations (money apart), in his favour.

 If he could manipulate judiciary and police by his authoritative terror, he must have treated the school as small fry.

 And who is unaware of the pressure that the Administration puts on all such schools to get their favorites admitted every year. This can easily be proved by the number of calls/slips that every school gets from Administrative high ups during these admission days every year. And perhaps no school dares to resist even these minor pressures. Can one name a single high up in the Administration whose ward ever studied in a local government school? 
Moreover, why the administration initiated inquiry only against the school and not against any of those officials in the Police, judiciary and Administration who diluted the case under duress?

Aot Complex Sector  48 A
(Ut) - 160 047


A big blow

The death of Vishnu Vardhan is a very big blow to the Kannada film world.Vishnu was known as "Angry Young Man' in the tinsel world of Kannada.He was a product of the great and very able director Puttnna Kanagal and an Icon of  Kannada CInema.

The hysteric presence of his fans was a telling factor of the most popular film star Vishnu.It is worthwhile to recall Vishnu had a small stint with Tamil filmdom and acted in 'Mazhalai Pattlam' directed by the famed tamil heroine Lakshmi earlier on.

Vishnu is no more but he lives through his movies now!

T.M.Maistry St.
Vannandurai Chennai - 600 041


 Sudden demise

  2009 left a trail of bitterness.   Kannada film industry grew poorer with the sudden and untimely demise of Dr. Vishnuvardhan who had enthralled the film lovers in general and Kannda film lovers in particular.   Vishnuvardhan is remembered even today as Ramachari of Nagarahavu and Captain of Aptamitra.  It is natural that his fans have been left orphaned.   The void created by the death of Vishnuvardhan is difficult to fill.

  K.V. Seetharamaiah

Vidyanagara First Stage,



Versatile artist

 The sudden death of our Sahasa Simha comes as a great shock to the huge fan base across many countries. He is one of the very few versatile kannada artists to give a phenominal hit (Nagarahavu) in the very first year (1972) of his career followed by countless sensational performances with reputed directors like Puttanna Kanagal, Girish Kasaravalli, Bhargava, Vasu and many more..

 His rock-melting performance in Bandhana (1984) was instrumental in keeping this movie running for more than a year. It wasn't a conventional movie played merely on a white screen, it was relayed on each and every mind watching it and had them shrugging, chuckling, tearing while cruising with the movie in the theatre. The death of Vishnuvardhan is an unmitigable loss to Kannada Cinema. His performances will never die, his persona will always live and smile in our hearts. My prayers to God to rest his soul in peace.

 Shanmugam K

London, UK.


Misplaced violence

 It’s our bad luck that we lost our pearl Dr. vishnuvardhan. But the question arises have we given the right respect to him..? The answer is not to the best extent.  People have to understand that Dr Vishnuvardhan was a peace loving guy, he never liked the violence, and it’s our responsibility to act wisely. But people misused their power by destroying others property. They could have made him proud with their peace and silence.

 I ask one thing of every one, help those poor and young people, who can fill up the place of Dr Vishnuvardhan, see him in them.  By this it may help many people who can make this country better in future.




Student Unrest !


 It is very regrettable to note that students of Telengana are of Andhra Pradesh are going on agitation for separate Telengan  State They were  lathicharged by the Police and some students have suffered injuries. Students must note that  they are extending wrong support to the selfish politicians.They  are not going to be benefitted in anyway even if separate Telengana State is formed. No politician is going to help them for their secured future. Students must understand this and withdraw their agitation.

 Sukumar Talpady

Dwaraka Nagar,

Kottara, Mangalore 575006.


 Chaos and Anarchy

 News of Vishnuvaradhan’s demise had sparked off violence in sections of Bangalore. Violence in various forms like setting ablaze vehicles and pelting stones became the ‘order of the day’. Though, the death of the veteran actor did come as a ‘bolt from the blue’, the mob, particularly, the ardent fans went on a ‘frenzy mode’ and berserk. destroying public property, buses and private cars is  certainly not a civilised way to behave Shops in many parts of Bangalore, particularly in suburban areas were the target of threat and consequently they were shut for the whole day causing anguish and inconvenience to the public in general.

Respectful homage to the departed soul could have been displayed in a more peaceful manner respecting the sentiments of the people of Karnataka. Trains were abruptly stalled or cancelled and passengers left ‘high and dry’ and in wilderness. In any case, decorum must be observed and security forces could also do anything much since it came as a surprise. In such a melee, some miscreants take advantage of the situation to seek ‘cheap popularity’! Time to emulate advanced and civilised countries including U.S. where late Mike Jackson breathed his last recently. Political opposition parties may have had a hand in these nefarious activities to create ‘headache and worries’ in their minds to disorganize their stability!

 Ashok Jayaram,

Vijaya Bank Colony, Banaswadi

Bangalore-560 043


 No justice for citizens

 Reading of the excellent article ' Justice for whom ' ( DH Wed ) brought a lump down my throat. It has shown how helpless are the ordinary citizens  of our country against the might of our own Govt. The quotes from Shakespeare, Tulsi Das, Mahabharata etc., are very apt and add substance to the article. I still remember having read in my school days that one of the attributes of a king had been " to protect the weak against the strong '. The old adage that ' The pen is mightier than the sword ' no longer holds good.  It makes one wonder where our country is heading to.

 T K Nagarajan,

R T Nagar, Bangalore 32


Humane actor

 It is indeed a sad day for Kannada Cinema, second one in a row.  After the sudden demise of Aswath, even more shocking was the passing away of Vishnuvardhan.He was not only an actor par excellence, but also a down to earth human being who never let his fame and power affect his behaviour or conduct.

My father was his teacher during his days in National College, Basavanagudi. I have had the privilege of meeting him in person during 2008 in Mysore when he was in Apollo Hospital for a shooting.  The moment he saw my father, he recognized him after a brief stare of a second or two and exchanged pleasantries. He spent almost 15 minutes talking to us and reminiscing the old days.  When we took leave of him and were walking towards the car park, one of his assistants came running towards me and offered to drop us home in his car.

  When I told him that we are going in my car, he insisted that I go back to Vishnuvardhan and confirm that myself. I was allowed to go only after I went back to Vishnu and confirmed.  This is just an example of the human side of the great actor.  My father is one of the many teachers who would have taught him, but he remembered him with his characteristic humility.  He was also a 'controversy free' actor who maintained a clean image throughout his illustrious career spanning 199 movies.

 The only deplorable part of the whole incident is the arson and disturbance created by the anti-social elements masquerading as his fans. The police should take the most stringent action against these miscreants and deal with them ruthlessly.  I'm sure that Vishnu's soul would not gain any peace by the misdeeds of these anti-social elements. 


14th Cross, BSK2nd Stage,

 Bengalooru - 560070


Worldspace : Abrupt closure

"The news of closure of Worldspace Satellite Radio has been a shocking one for more than 4 lakh subscribers in India.  I have been enjoying listening to it over 3 years.  It has been a good means through which the people of India, irrespective of their occupation and age were finding relaxation and remembering their younger days May I request the authorities in its Indian Operation to some how convince their parent office at US to continue its Indian operations??. 

Alternatively, they may try to find some Indian Corporate in the media area, who could take over the Indian operations.  I am sure, the subscribers would not mind paying the subscription afresh to the new operator and stake their claims with US parent company of Worldspace, if this materialises.  I am hopeful that our delight of listening to Worldspace Channels would be continued without any break."


 28th Cross, BSK II Stage


Politicizing faulty pitch issue

 It was a shame and dark spot in the history of Indian cricket when the final one day match with Sri Lanka was abandoned due to faulty pitch. Now the issue has taken a political turn too. Sports and politics should not be mixed but now days every matter turns into a political subject just for the personal gains of politicians. Ferozeshah Kotla ground has witnessed hundreds of first class matches. I recall erstwhile Mr. Sitaraman was was in charge of Kotla ground as well as Green Park, Kanpur ground. It is sad that now a single pitch is not properly maintained and be ready for playing cricket at Delhi. If Kotla ground pitch is not fit for cricket matches than I suggest Railway Stadium at Paharganj  should be developed for class one cricket matches.

 A full time dedicated team may be appointed for every pitch and ground in every State of India

 Mahesh Kumar                               

Kolaba Chambers, Connaught Place,

New Delhi 110 001



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