'Restricting goods lorries will affect public'

'Restricting goods lorries will affect public'

The Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners’ Association has urged the City Police Commissioner M N Reddi to take a re-look at his order of not allowing goods lorries, carrying more than three tonnes of goods, into the City from 6 am to 10 pm from January 1, 2015.

Association president B Channa Reddy said that 90 per cent of the lorries carry goods of nearly 10 tonnes on a daily basis and restricting the entry of these goods during the day will definitely affect the public.

A press release from the association said that Bengaluru received goods such as gravel, bricks, sand, cement, iron and others every day in large quantities. The Bengaluru City Railway Yard receives not less than 8,000 tonnes of essential goods daily and at the Agricultural Produce Market Committee yards, nearly 500 truck loads of goods are supplied daily.

Besides, there are many small, medium and large scale industries which need their raw materials on a daily basis, the release said.

Those who drive the goods vehicles, normally hire the lorries after availing loan from the lorry owners. If the police commissioner restricts the movement of these vehicles, the families who are depending on these vehicles will be severely affected, said the association press release.