This Sunday, shop to pamper your pets

This Sunday, shop to pamper your pets

This Sunday, shop to pamper your pets

All that it takes to pamper your pets and more under one umbrella. That’s the Bengaluru Pet Show in a nutshell that began at the Jayamahal Palace Hotel Grounds on Saturday. 

It seemed as though the message going out of the squeaks, chirps and barks of the animals on display was unanimous. In that they appeared to say: Learn to love and shower your milk of kindness on us. Over 3,000 visitors and schoolchildren had come to see a variety of adorable animals at the show organised by event management company Blue N White. 

It is on till Sunday (from 9 am to 6 pm). There are over 50 stalls, 70 bird cages, 40 cat cages and over 50 aquaria on display. Over 70 exotic birds, 40 exotic cats, 70 breeds of dogs and 50 varieties of fish are exhibited. There are also rats, rabbits, hens, ducks and pigeons.

Pet shops have set up stalls at the exhibition. 

On Saturday, two dog shows were held by Canine Behaviourists and City-based dog food supplier firms. A camp advising pet owners on how to take care of their pets was also held by noted veterinarians. There was also a medical camp to treat the pets in case they suffer from any ailment.

There are also stalls set up by shops selling products like Poo Scooper Machines, which pick up dog scat without people touching it with their hands. Shops selling special food for all types of pets were also there. Speaking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the inauguration, Satya Narayan, Director of Blue N White, said, This is the second edition of the pet show. Last year it was held only for a day. Looking at the response then, we decided to hold it for two days this time. The idea is to create interest among people about pets.

M Tyagaraj, a bird lover, said: “I have always loved birds and I have over 600 of them at home. They are of all types - Indian and exotic. I am here to create a love for animals among people, especially the younger generation.” 

Mujeed, a cat lover, said that he always had a fascination for cats and has six varieties of them - Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Arabian Mau and British.