The long and short of it

The long and short of it

Casual look

The long and short of it

Do you have the tendency to stand in front of your closet longer than required, in an attempt to fish out the best possible outfit for the day? Are you looking for this so-called ‘perfect’ outfit, something that is chic yet comfortable, modish yet casual? If you haven’t found it yet, you might want to give your shorts another go.

Whether it’s a basic pair of shorts, with no pockets and belt hoop or ‘bum shorts’ and chinos, they never fail to go out of fashion.

The City’s weather makes it the perfect destination to experiment with quirky and chic looks. Sushmitha Suresh, a dancer and model, loves her shorts. “The weather fluctuates here; sometimes it’s hot and other times it’s cold. It is ideal to wear shorts here. They look very classy and are comfortable. I generally prefer ones that I'm comfortable in rather than the ones that are in trend right now,” she says.

Elaborating her love for shorts, she adds, “You hear stories that say that pants, jeggings, cause blood clots and circulation problems in the can avoid that drama by wearing shorts. Also, they are a nice way to show off the legs!”

When is the best time to wear shorts? “Shorts have a casual and sporty look. It can’t be formal wear. It’s making a statement that you want to chill and want to have  a good time,” says Roger Joseph Lurshay, a student.

“Here, I’m a student and I don’t get much time to go out. When I do go out with my friends, I wear shorts, but when it’s a formal function, I don’t,” says Monica, a student of St Joseph’s College of Business Administration.  Sushmitha adds it could be semi-formal.
What goes best with shorts? “I like white, grey and black shorts, whether it’s cotton or denim. I’m not very picky. But I prefer my shorts to be not too short. I usually wear dark tops to match my shorts and wear some accessories,” says Jenitha BV, a student of

St Joseph's College of Business Administration. Sushmitha says she loves ‘bum shorts’ in bright colours. “I’m obsessed with blue. Give me anything in blue and I’ll wear it!”
According to Roger, loose shorts are the most comfortable. “Whether it’s cotton ones, cargo shorts, bermudas, the Charlie Sheen-kind or khaki ones, they are all comfortable and trendy. It doesn't matter when you

wear them. I love beach shorts in particular, the bright coloured ones,” he says.
Some have even been inspired by the movies. “I got my inspiration from Deepika Padukone. In movies like ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, she wears shorts and she has set a trend. I had to try it out after she wore them,” says Jenitha.

But not everyone is comfortable wearing shorts outside. “I feel comfortable wearing shorts mostly at home. Even though I’m from Pondicherry, and everyone there wears shorts all the time there, I don't wear them out much,” says Monica. She adds, “In Bengaluru, I don't feel very safe...maybe if I were travelling in a car, but I use public transport. You can’t wear shorts and get into a can, but I’ll be very scared and I don't want to get into any kind of trouble." Sushmitha adds, “I don’t wear them everywhere. It depends on where I’m going.”