Hindu scriptures do talk of life on Mars: Guv

Hindu scriptures do talk of life on Mars: Guv

Hindu scriptures do talk of life on Mars: Guv

Governor Vajubhai Vala on Monday vouched for the claims made by some BJP leaders that Hindu scriptures mentioned the existence of life and water existed on Mars.

“Scientists have discovered only now that there is water and life on the Mars whereas in Hindu scriptures, our rishis had centuries ago written that there exists life on the Mangal griha,” he said at the centenary-year logo release celebrations of the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI).

The governor said the days when Jews held chief positions in companies across the world were gone and Indians had replaced them everywhere. “Indians have been intelligent and talented since time immemorial, and only during the Mughal period, we had forgotten our talent,” he averred.

He said Karnataka is blessed with the most brainy people when it comes to information technology, biotechnology and space missions. Lauding the efforts of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), he said, “With such precision the scientists at ISRO had calculated when the Mars orbiter would enter the orbit. The USA tried doing the same thrice but was successful only once. But the ISRO was successful in its first attempt,” he said.

Suggesting that there should be tax reforms for the industry, he said, “The government should take taxes from the industry just as honey bees extract nectar from the flowers, only as much is necessary without disturbing the flowers.”

He said that in case some sick industries are not able to pay up their taxes, there should be some provision wherein these could be exempted or should be given adequate time to spring back .

Referring to the ‘Make In India’ slogan by Narendra Modi, the Governor said it was a sophisticated way of saying shun foreign products and encourage the use of products made in India.

“The same slogan was given by Mahatma Gandhi years ago when he had asked the people to shun videshi and use swadeshi. Gandhiji used to wear Bata chappal which was available during those days too.”