Darshan's chauffeur given parking ticket

Darshan's chauffeur given parking ticket

Police slapped three separate cases on the chauffeur of actor ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan for violating traffic norms during the shooting of a Kannada film ‘Airavata’ on Race Course Road on Monday.

The actor’s automobile, Audi (KA 51 Z 7999), had tinted windows and an “improper” number plate. Besides, the high-end car, along with a generator vehicle, was found to be parked in a no-parking zone, disrupting smooth flow of traffic on the busy road, the police said.

The partial blockade of the road caused a jam at Anand Rao Circle. On being alerted, DCP (East) Babu Rajendra Prasad went to the spot and directed the High Grounds police to inspect the situation and act accordingly, according to the police.

Personnel from the High Grounds police station rushed to the spot and tried to clear both the vehicles. Lakshman, a small-time actor, intervened when he saw the policemen trying to clear the vehicles. Police said he tried to prevent the policemen from during their duty but the personnel went ahead with imposing the fine.

The actor allegedly demanded who had dared to order imposition of the fine, arguing that the car belonged to the “powerful and influential” ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan.

The policemen, however, ignored him and gave him the parking tickets. But Lakshman picked a quarrel with them and refused to budge. He relented only when the police sternly warned him that nobody was above law and they would register more cases for preventing the discharge of official duties, according to the police.

Many cars owned by film actors have tinted windows. The Banashankari police recently booked the chauffeur of actor Duniya Vijay for having tinted window in the car.
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