City-based company designs software to track movement of garbage vehicles

City-based company designs software to track movement of garbage vehicles

A software based on Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) could soon eradicate the irregularities in waste management practices and put an end to the garbage mafia plaguing Bengaluru.

Designed by engineers from iTriangle Infotech Private
Limited, a City-based company that manufactures vehicle tracking devices, the software enables tracking of the waste collection vehicles and the staff involved in the pick-up operations.

The company’s Technical Director Kiran A R said, “Around five to ten software professionals and technical engineers were involved in developing the software and it was launched ten months ago. Presently, the project is being executed at ground level and we are tracking a few vehicles of the municipal corporation.

The garbage collection vehicles fitted with a GPS tracker and an RFID reader enables us to keep a track of the vehicle minute by minute."

The software named aQuiLaTrack System helps track the entire operation online. It took the team five months to encompass the industry’s requirement in the system.

Along with the garbage collection vehicles, the bins and dumping yards located in the City can be put under scanner with this technology, added the engineers involved in designing the software.
"It is a huge task for the municipal corporation to ensure pick-up of the waste from all the appointed locations in the City on a regular basis and dump it in the selected yard.

Sometimes, due to the laxity of staff and garbage contractors, the garbage does not reach the respective dumping yards. Hence, we felt the need to extend our existing trace-and-track system to curb the problems," said V S Katti, Managing Director of the company.

Residents can track too
The team said they are planning to take the project to the next level wherein residents are allowed to check what is happening at the ground level and keep tabs on the garbage disposal at their respective wards, attendance of staff / garbage contractors from their localities among others.
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