That personalised platter!

That personalised platter!

Meal Planner

That personalised platter!

These days, planners have become the order of the day, be it weddings, birthdays or any other event. But a concept like a meal planner is something unique and hard to come by.

It was in December 2013 that Jayas Damodaran, Sharan Hiremath, Rajesh Singh and K Srinivas started a meal planner for health-conscious customers. Called ‘Jiyo Natural’, this start-up has become a blessing for many. It is a food delivering firm but is unlike other home delivery places and do not have a fixed menu.  It offers customised and personalised food to their customers.

Beginning its catering business on May 2014, this eight-month-year-old firm has employees who are doctors and nutritionists. They also have an in-house chef who worked previously in one of the five star restaurants.

“I was undergoing treatment at a nature cure centre and was put on a healthy diet. But I wondered how I could maintain this diet once I got back home. There were two others who shared the same worries as me. That is when we brainstormed and we decided to get this healthy food into our city. We decided to cater customised healthy food mostly to the IT professionals who lack a healthy diet,” informs Dr Sunandhini, a naturopathic doctor working at the firm.

How do they provide personalised meal? “We ask our customers to send the their medical report. We go through the history and then decide on the diet. Then the nutritionalist comes to the picture and decides on the quantity that has to be taken. The plan is laid out carefully and personalised unique dietary food is delivered to the customer,” she says. The firm that caters to about hundred customers also wants to rationalise the use of millets in the State. “People are aware of the goodness of only ragi. There are other kinds of millets that are rich in fibre and proteins. So, we include these millets in our preparations that are very helpful to diabetic patients,” she explains.

The usually fried food is steamed to avoid oil. For instance, the oily ‘vada’ is steamed for a healthy, tasty diet. They offer cookies and cakes made from millets, whole-wheat garlic bread; Chinese ragi noodles and veg dumplings that are cooked with innovations to appeal to the taste buds while also catering to good health.

Like each skin type has to be treated with different set of makeup, each person has to maintain a unique diet. The business here is an ongoing process and the firm delivers healthy sumptuous food once a week or once in a month according to the customer’s requirement as prescribed by the nutritionist. They also make sure to serve in reuseable containers such as steel ‘dabbas’ that serve eight variety of dishes in one order. The combo of this healthy palate is delivered to your doorstep and also to your workplace.