R'than to overhaul education sector

R'than to overhaul education sector

In a first of its kind initiative, the Rajasthan higher education department has proposed that the state government bear 50 per cent of the annual fees for students who get admission into IITs, IIMs, NITs and other prestigious institutes.

The new clause, if approved, will be applicable for families having an annual income of Rs 5 lakh and below.

After making changes in age-old labour laws, the Rajasthan government is now eyeing to introduce new reforms in the education sector. 

“If the proposal is approved, talent in Rajasthan will not go waste just because of weak financial position of the family. However, the new clause will be applicable only on students of Rajasthan origin who have an annual family income of 5 lakh and below,” said a senior government official. 

The government will give its share through a bank draft within two months from the date of admission. Later, a mechanism will be developed to deposit our share directly with the concerned institute, he added.

Rajasthan will also introduce lessons on yoga and moral science in all government schools. “We feel that such lessons inculcate Indian values in our students. They will become morally and physically strong. Moreover, it will connect them with our roots,” said Education Minister Vasu Devnani.

The minister informed that a committee has already been formed which will look into all aspects and submit a report on how to integrate these elements into the education system.  

Separate teachers will be appointed for the two subjects in all 85,000 schools, including 48,000 primary schools, he added.

The state government is also working on changing the government primary school curriculum. Several NGOs have also been roped in for the process. “We are working on some changes to provide better lessons for primary school students. Instead of teaching them on the Macaulay pattern of education, that is A for apple, B for bat or C for cat, we will teach them A for Anant (infinity), C for computer,” said Vasu Devnani. 

Indianisation is the need of the hour to make better citizens with Indian values and we are working on that, he added.