'The show took me closer to people'

'The show took me closer to people'

High Note

'The show took me closer to people'

When ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh returned to the small screen after an eight-year break with ‘Super Minute’, people received him with open arms.

No wonder this is one of the very few reality shows in Kannada that has raked in the maximum viewership and Ganesh is already being asked when he would start hosting the second season of ‘Super Minute’.

The grand finale of the show will be aired on January 24 and in addition to Ganesh opening the show with his performance, a few of the stars from the Kannada film industry are also performing to give the show a grand ending. Ganesh concedes that it has been very tough for him to juggle film shoots and turn up on time to host the show as well.

  “But now, I am sure I am going to miss the rush and the response for the show has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t miss not being in the television industry for the last eight years,” says Ganesh.

The show completed 40 episodes and Ganesh points out that every episode was conceptualised and created to look and appear different in form and content. “Television reaches every household and it felt great to get back to where I began. This show had a lot of entertainment and the celebrities who came on the show also performed. Also, the prize money was donated for a good cause,” Ganesh reasons.

He states that every show has its highs and lows but Ganesh says that ‘Super Minute’ began on a high note and stayed that way until the end. “Every contestant took back loads of good memories. This show gave me a chance to connect better with my audience. The show took me closer to people,” he reasons. 

Ganesh has been shooting for ‘Style King’ where he plays a double role for the first time in his career. The teaser for the film has hit the market. It is a 10-minute video of Ganesh tracing his career from his television days to his current film.

 “It’s a total makeover from when I began. This role has given me a lot of scope for performance. People have always associated me with romantic roles but ‘Style King’ will turn a new leaf in my career,” he adds.

Ganesh is not complaining about his hectic schedule which leaves him with no time for anything else. “I’ve chosen to be in the entertainment industry and I am happy with the work that’s coming my way,” he sums up.