Authors discuss B'desh war

Authors discuss B'desh war

The scares of liberation war in 1971 are still visible in Bangladesh where the effected people continue to suffer. Aspects of Bangladesh war of liberation were discussed In Jaipur Literature Festival by prominent authors and writers in the session “Arma and the Man: the Bangladesh Bloodbath”.

The authors Gary Bass, Sadaf Saaz Siddiqi, Salil Tripathi and Mukul Deva discussed how Bangladesh War of 1971 disjointed a nation absurdly partitioned by the British into territories and it remained an interesting subject to both historians and writers of fiction.

The authors discussed the ordeal of women who were raped by the Pakistani army during the liberation war in 1971 and said that the victims of war, known as Birangonas, continue to suffer.

Salil Tripathi spoke about his book “The Bangladesh War and its Unquiet Legacy” which talks about the heart breaking tale of war as well as military and famine.

He said that Bangladesh has to overcome the grief and bloodbath which happened in the past and move towards the development.

Author Sadaf Saaz, who lives in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, spoke on the atrocities on women during the liberation war and also read out a poem dedicated to the rape victims.

She also spoke about her experience in Dhaka and also called the war of 1971 strategically being carried off.

Mukul Deva, who was moderating the session, insisted that citizen of a country should speak against the atrocities and ordeal.

“Nothing changes. Geo politics, strategies, nations move on but people have to somewhere take a stand. Unless they start speaking out and make their presence felt, nothing will change,” he said.

While answering one of the questions on wars, Mukul, a former officer of the Indian Army, said that wars have always been destructive so one need to overcome and move ahead.
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