Healthy mind, healthy heart

Healthy mind, healthy heart

We humans are blessed with only one heart which lasts us as long as we live. Alternatively, we live till the heart lasts. Anatomi­cally, it is a vital organ that supplies blood to the whole body.

Symbolically, it is equated with the most powerful emotions of the human soul, i.e., love as well as instinct, interest and deep feelings. Hence it won’t be wrong to say the heart rules our life.

But today the same very heart has indeed become a matter of great concern as alarming statistics tell us how vulnerable it is to the onset of countless disorders, thanks to our modern lifestyle and polluted environment.

According to the eternal law of spirituality, everything in this material world grows old, decays and gets assimilated into its original elemental form. Similarly, everything in Nature is getting recycled, as energy is in constant flux. So, as souls, we all get a new body in every birth.

However, the elements that constitute a body are the same old matter. In that sense everything in the world is old material packaged as new. Hence, with every consecutive birth, we as souls get a recycled body and hence a recycled heart.

We get a new body only when we first come down from the soul world, because we are pure and are entitled to get the best of the available resources at the time when we enter this world.

Having said that, we must not forget a fact that there was indeed a time when we all had a brand new heart. Yeah, it’s true and that time was called ‘Golden Age’ when all the human souls and the elements of Nature were pristine and pure.

Everyone is perfect and purest there and so everything they had, including their body, was also perfect. There was no need for them to take care of their heart.

The heart was so robust and healthy that it supported the body for a long and healthy life. However, today we all live in total contrast of golden age i.e., Iron Age and there is hardly any human being in this world today who is free from any physical ailment.

Be it the wealthy and poor, all are suffering from some or the other disease linked to an unhealthy lifestyle and ecological degradation.

Today, medical science has accepted that along with a healthy lifestyle, meditation too can promote a healthy heart, as it helps in regulating the heart’s functioning by controlling negative thoughts that induce stress-related hormones in the body leading to harmful effects.

By purifying the soul of bad sanskars (personality traits) like anger, fear, hatred and ego, it cures the root cause of disease and leads to holistic healing. Therefore, in order to have a healthy heart, apart from a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to be a good-hearted person and to feed the mind with a healthy diet of pure thoughts and feelings.