Conmen make away with Rs four lakh kept in bike

Conmen make away with Rs four lakh kept in bike

Two men made away with Rs four lakh cash kept in the utility box of a two-wheeler by diverting the attention of the motorcyclist near Devanahalli bypass road on Friday, the police said.

Nanjunda, an employee of a plastic factory at Muddenahalli near Jnanabharathi, had withdrawn the cash from a bank at Devanahalli around 12.30 pm. He was riding back to the office, keeping the money in the utility box. The money was meant for factory transaction, the police said.

While riding on service road, Nanjunda halted for a while to relieve himself. Two men who followed him on a bike told him a mobile phone had fallen on the ground. 

Nanjunda got off the bike and started searching for the phone, but soon realised it was intact in his shirt pocket, added the police.

However, he suspected a foul play and rushed towards his bike, only to find the utility box open and the money missing.

The police said they would question Nanjunda thoroughly as his version was not convincing.