'Art fairs bring focus on galleries'

'Art fairs bring focus on galleries'

Founded in 2001 by Sunaina Anand, Art Alive Gallery has carved its own position in the art world through innovatively curated shows, critically-edged catalogues and other interdisciplinary events.

The gallery has hosted many solo shows, represented Indian contemporary art at international fairs and events, organised retrospectives of prominent senior Indian artists and has been successfully providing a platform for innovative and experimental art to young Indian artists.

The gallery has published books on Indian Art, most prominent amongst has been “Faces of Indian Art”, “Raza: A Life in Art” and “The World on a Canvas – A Visual Voyage: Paresh Maity”. Its also made its international presence with shows at Royal College of Arts, London and Jebiwool Art Museum, Seoul among others.

To mark its 10th year, Art Alive Gallery launched its new space in Gurgaon in 2011, and here Sunaina shares some thoughts about art fairs:

Why art fairs are important?

They bring focus on galleries as an industry. Art lovers get to see art from different parts of the country and  get to meet some of their  favourite artists.

How the IAF has evolved? over time?

IAF is in its 8th edition and has surely helped a lot by bringing focus on Indian art. The speakers’ forum and galleries’ representation have become more substantial over the years.

What are the best aspects of IAF?

It brings on one platform viewers, writers, curators, museum representatives and of course, artists.  Is it not great?

Items on your wish list from the IAF (apart from sales)?

IAF hopefully brings new audiences both from within the country and outside to see the best of Indian art.

Who are the artists represented by you this year?

Sakti Burman, Raghu Rai, Jogen Choudhury, Vaikuntam, Manu Parekh, Nandagopal. Paresh Maity- all big names already. 

We are also showing younger artists like Manjunath Kamath, Narayan Sinha, Anu Malhotra, and Suraj Kashi. Three major works on Gandhi is being exhibited in celebration of 100 years of his return from South Africa.

These works are in steel made by Vibhor Sogan and a canvas by Arpana Caur.  We are releasing a major publication on Sakti Burman on January 31 at IAF.  We are also supporting an art project by Paresh Maity titled Procession.