Ch'nagar tests new device to assess borewells

Ch'nagar tests new device to assess borewells

Tool can measure depth, water levelx

The Zilla Panchayat of Chamarajanagar district has resorted to modern technology to assess groundwater levels of the district.

 The device is also expected to bring down the expenses of Zilla Panchayat, incurred during the construction of borewells and installation of casing pipes.

The digital device, Borewell Check Measurer, developed by a private firm in Bengaluru, uses sensors to ascertain the vital aspects of a borewell, such as the depth of the borewell, water level in the borewell and others.

“The company has developed several measuring tools. Chamarajanagar district administration has sought a tool to measure the depth of water levels. The sensor based digital device was developed by the company recently,” said Gopinath, CEO of Advanced Technologies, Bengaluru. 

BenefitsWith several villages in the district facing water problems during summer months, Zilla Panchayat digs borewells to address the problem. Following the completion of works, it was difficult to ascertain the exact depth of the borewell and the length of pipes required to lift the water. 

Earlier, metal rods were being used to assess the depth of a borewell. The length of the casing pipe too had to be ascertained manually, by drilling on the pipe, costing the exchequer.

The device will render the practices obsolete, as it has tools to assess all the necessary parameters of a borewell.

Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat, K H Narasimhamurthy said that the device along with accuracy, will also ensure transparency in the process of digging borewells.

Of the 6,948 borewells in four taluks of Chamarajanagar district, water is available at various depths in 5,441 borewells, while 1,507 have become defunct.