For the rough and tough

For the rough and tough

Dirt bikers

For the rough and tough

They are four wheeled bikes and they can take over any terrain. They don’t need the luxury of flawless roads as they can mount the most rugged landscape without any hurdle.

They are the ‘All Terrain Vehicle’, populary known as – ATV or Quad bike. And taking over these tough and mean machines are the adventurous Bengalureans, who are making the sport of dirt biking popular in the City.

Motivating these daredevils are the sports firms like ‘Dirt Mania’ and ‘Play Arena’, which are giving opportunities to people to explore their adventurous side. With rough and tough terrain and wide open spaces, these firms offer the perfect platform for the popular sport of quad bike racing. Rocky hills, sloppy mountains, boulders and bends, toured over the monstrous roaring bikes, hints an experience like never before.

Quad biking appeals to both bikers and non-bikers. The adrenaline level soars up as one gusts through the bushes and rock-strewn roads in these roaring tough machines. Slush or dust, the enthusiasm builds up as one races to reach the finish line before his/her opponent.

“This sports is gaining popularity by the day. The off-road racing on these bikes is thrilling and more and more people want to experience this thrill. We have at least 200 to 300 people coming here over the weekends for this sport,” says Rajkumar, CEO of ‘Dirt Mania’. Giving an exhilarating experience, these bikes are sporty, adventurous and are definitely enthralling.

This sports gets better and better with worst roads. “This sport becomes more thrilling with the natural paved roads. During rains, the roads are slushy and in Summer they are dusty. The more messed up the roads, the more adventurous the sport,” he says. The rides in ‘Dirt Mania’ are charged depending on kilometres and they have 7km, 10km and 15 km trails. If you are a beginner who is skeptical about your abilities, then you can choose the ‘track lapses’ that is just 0.5 km trail.

The firm that is making the sport popular in the City also faces challenges in this regard. “Maintaining these ATVs is a big challenge. The rough usage of these bikes call for frequent servicing. And in case of any mechanical damage to these vehicles, we have to import the spare parts as they are nowhere available in India,” he says. The ‘Dirt Mania’ that has 15 ATVs at present has also made the sport popular on the beaches of Mangaluru.

They conduct these adventurous rides in agricultural fields and on natural rough terrains in the City giving sport lovers an enduring adventurous experience. “We have a 500 mts track. Apart from this, one can choose to race on the natural trail outside which also includes the agricultural fields,” he says.

‘Play Arena’ also offers platform for this venturesome sports and they charge based on lapses and depending on the CC of these vehicles. “We have nearly 300 people coming in for this sports during the weekends. We charge them depending on the CC of the vehicles. We have 90cc, 170cc and 220cc ATVs. We have a cluster of activities along with this sport and people come in large number to experience this adventurous game,” wraps up Anil, of ‘Play Arena’.