A peek into films from all over the world

A peek into films from all over the world

A peek into films from all over the world

active Actress Bhavana at the event.

Good quality films from all over the world are being screened free of cost in the City and yet there are not many takers. “We have had a good response from interested parents and schools. These are award-winning films which have been screened at film festivals all over the world and have been carefully selected by the jury and screening committees,” says N R Nanjude Gowda, president of Children's India.

 “There can be a much better response especially since these films are being screened free of cost so families can avail of this opportunity to take in good cinema from around the world. In fact, families should be lining up around the block and schools should be making a special attempt to get their students involved in the film festival at different levels. Discussions and interactive workshops involving students, foreign delegates and film professionals should also  be part of the whole six-day event,” said one of the delegates from out of town who felt that there was plenty of room for improvement at the Festival.

As many as 69 films from India, Iran, China, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Italy, USA, Denmark and other countries are being screened in this festival but how many children in the City truly benefited from this cornucopia of good cinema was the question? This being the sixth edition of the Children's Film Festival organised by the Children's India, a non-profit organisation engaged in producing creative and interesting programmes for children one would hope for better awareness and participation from target audiences in the City.

“Through this festival we want to depict the rich diversity of language, culture and heritage from different parts of the world,” added Nanjude Gowda.

Films such as Mai Mai Tis 2008, Crocodiles, A tale of gypsy children and numerous other entries from 18 countries including Italy, Iran, Holland, Mexico, Sri Lanka and many others are being screened till January 13 at the Bal Bhavan  Movie Land and Navarang Theatre. The show timings are 10 am, noon and 2 pm and at Navarang at 9 am.

Entry for children is free. For children studying in government and corporation schools, the organisers will make arrangements for transport on request.