A busy year ahead

A busy year ahead

Actress Neha Saxena’s journey into the film industry has been a long and fruitful one. In the coming two months, the ‘Just Love’ actress will see five releases, a good number for someone who is so young to the industry.

On March 13, her Kannada film, ‘Q Preethigu Saavigu’, will hit theatres. The very next day, the Telugu version of the film, titled ‘Q Premaku Chavuku’, will see the light of day. Neha says she is elated that her film gets a bilingual release a day apart from each other.

Talking about the movie, she says, “It’s a relatively short film – it’s just one hour 55 minutes; we didn’t want to bore the audience. It’s a horror, thriller, comedy and a drama. These days, people work from morning till night so we need a little comedy and fun in our lives.” The film was shot in Bengaluru, Sakleshpur, Karwar and Hyderabad.

The offer for the movie, which also stars her fellow ‘Dandu’ actor Neeraj Shyam, happened to fall into her lap. “The producer of the movie saw me on the sets on ‘Dandu’ and approached me while I was shooting that. He said he wanted to make a movie with me, even though he didn’t have a script. He said he liked the combination of Neeraj and me so he cast us both. When we were going through scripts, I rejected the cliched romantic love stories. I liked this one because it was different and comedy is something we all appreciate these days,” she says. 

On her role in ‘Q’, she says, “I play a CEO of a corporate company who is adored by many people but she prefers to distance herself from everyone. But she ends up falling in love with a driver and that’s how the story progress — how her role transforms from a simple and glamourous woman to an emotional person whose maturity will be tested.

She also has a Tamil movie, ‘Loduku Pandi’, releasing on March 20. “It was originally titled ‘Uttama Thirudan’ but people started confusing it with Ramesh Aravind’s ‘Uttama Villain’ so we changed the name,” she says. In April, ‘Dandu’ and ‘One Time Miss Maadkobedi’ will release. “When people see me in ‘Q’ and then in ‘Dandu’, they will see how different the characters are. We were shooting for the two movies simultaneously – one week we would shoot for ‘Q’ and another week for ‘Dandu’,” she wraps up. 

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