'Jazz gives us freedom'

Talented trio

'Jazz gives us freedom'

A friendship that sprouted over 10 years ago has now turned into something melodiously contagious with the Remi Panossian Trio, a jazz group from France, who were in the City recently. The trio, who performed at Alliance Francaise, spoke about their journey so far. 

Remi Panossian, the pianist of the group, says the three are like “family”. “We have been friends for more than 10 years now, and we used to play in different bands in Toulouse, our home town.

Five years ago, I decided to build the trio and since then we have been inseparable. I wanted to play as a trio with a double bass and drums so I said ‘Let’s do it, my friends’.” The trio plays improvisational jazz and when they get on stage, the strength of their friendship helps them make melodies that are impactful. Along with double bassist Maxime Delporte and drummer Frederic Petitprez, Remi composes songs that have influences from rock, hip hop, funk, classical and more.

“Jazz lets us improvise a lot but we also make our compositions which are influenced by different genres,” says Remi. What about is it about jazz that attracts the three to perform so passionately? “Jazz gives us freedom,” say the three in unison. “Everything is possible with jazz, with any kind of music…whatever fits our composition,” adds Remi.

In only four years, the trio has performed more than 200 concerts in France, Brazil, Germany, Venezuela, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Algeria and more. Talking about how the genre has gained popularity around the world, Remi says, “Jazz is now available worldwide, almost everywhere; we have been from Japan to Mexico and India. Of course, the knowledge of the music depends on when it arrived in the country but it is everywhere. We are surprised when we play in so many places for so many people.”

How did each of their interest in music begin? Frederic says, “I started playing the drums when I was 15 because the family had drums. Our family used to listen to a lot of music so it helped me jump into this well of being a musician. Then I went to a jazz school to be the best I could.” Says Maxime, “I started to learn music when I was young; I started with the piano. As a teenager, I picked up the guitar and other instruments. About 15 years ago, I learnt the double bass and stayed with it because I like jazz.” Remi, too, started out young – at the age of seven and took up the piano more seriously at a later stage.

The trio is all set to release its third album – RP3 (Remi Panossian three or trio). “This is a more mature composition when compared to the previous two, it’s has a very clear sound of the three of us,” says Frederic. The first album, titled ‘Add Fiction’, which was released in 2011, was mostly own compositions of Remi’s. The second one, called ‘Bbang’, says Frederic, had the three of them working as a team to compose the music. Unlike many traditional jazz bands, the trio is an all-instrumental band and takes inspiration from everything around them.

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