Today's letters

Today's letters

A great actor

Aswath was a great actor who acted only in films that depicted moral values and principles. Your report about his life is interesting. It is sad to note that the Kannada film industry has lost a gem among actors. Simple and freely mixing with the people, he won people's love and affection.

K.V. Suryanarayanan
Flat No. 116, A Block
Raheja Enclave
Race Course Road
Coimbatore 641018

Hockey in peril

Charity begins at home! How can  the Government be a silent spectator when our national hockey heroes have been struggling for months on end to meet their demand. Our Govt has been generous and a $ one billion credit line given to  Bangladesh. What is our Sport Minister doing about it?

It seems that the sports officials can only think that India should have our national cricket game. And if one compares the amount each national cricket player gets ,it seems  our national hockey players get pittance by being offered Rs 25,000.

Hockey India should be wooing the players and give them in fact double of what their demands are. Every sports game/event has a strong and dynamic sponsor. What's wrong with  the present management?  Why should Hockey India only depend  on Sahara for sponsorship when Sahara insist that  they should not seek other sponsors. Hockey India should withdraw from Sahara and take other multiple sponsorship. Let cricket officials run the Hockey Federation. It will make a difference and the Hockey Game will gain popularity once again at the grass root level.

Phil Fernandes

Incapable CM

Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat’s only priority is to safeguard his chair. Loot and let’s loot seems to be the agenda of the day. Rampant indiscipline within his cabinet and party MLAs has given the government a very bad image. One of the reasons may be the failure of the Chief Minister to consult and take into confidence legislators of his party and coalition partners on various issues. Decisions seem to be taken in the air with the Chief Minister ever so ready to bend, bow and reverse his decisions as long as he holds on to the chair. How long will
Goa be able to take this political instability which has resulted into administrative chaos leading to lack of good governance? How can a  Chief Minister having a communication gap with his own cabinet and MLAs be able to feel the pulse of Goa’s Aam Aadmi.

Aires Rodrigues
Ribandar - Goa

Malicious intentions

The opposition parties are right in crying foul at the BJP forcing BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena to award tenders at
midnight for city projects worth Rs 3,248 crores. But is this new to any of the politicians in the opposition? Have they not done it when they were in power? Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the state election commissioner to take notice of this and take it up with the ruling party. If required, they must approach the court to bring a stay for clearance given to the projects.

K R Anandagopalan
 Hebbal Kempapura

Still in Nehruvian era

According to a study jointly conducted by the CII and a leading consultancy firm, over 50 per cent of
India’s military hardware consists of obsolete material. Defence analysts have been repeatedly warning the policy makers about the dangers involved in country’s excessive dependence on the Russian made armaments for the Army, Navy and Air Force. Time and again, they were proved right by the number of serious accidents involving these inferior quality equipments like the MIG 21s (nicknamed as Flying Coffins). These are the relics from the times of pro-Soviet Nehruvian policy of non-alignment.

Arun Malankar,

Open mindedness required

The University of Bangalore has rejected a suggestion of the state government that Astrology be introduced as a science subject in the university.The reason given is that it promotes obscurantism and that astrology is not science.Astrology consists of various aspects,including mathematical calculations,as well as various sorts of conjectures.

Perhaps,a lot of research still needs to be done on the subject before dismissing it as obscurantist.Besides, many research projects even in science subjects may come to a nought in the ultimate analysis.What is essential is an open and an inquisitive mind.Moreover, would it be all right if science is included as an arts subject?

Jayaprakash Kallurkatte

Spineless Leadership

India seems to be not strong in international political map.The apathy shown by Australian authorities in dealing with  attacks on Indians, China's border enchroachments,Pakistan's never ending anti India tirade with different forms of cross border terrorism,Sri Lanka's meek response for Indian plea to treat Tamils with dignity in spite of receiving huge funds from the latter, importance given by US to Pakistan knowing fully well the latter's misuse of the funds for anti Indian acts illustrates this .
India has not achieved  worthwhile good results in any of these issues. It is time for  leadership to realise this and act with more smartness and firmness than simply continuing to pose an image of mild elephant.   


Party of Sycophants

By reminding Shashi Tharoor that silence is golden, Abhiskek Singhvi, has made it clear that the Congress is the party of sycophants. He has advised the green-horn that to utter anything which may sound critical of the dynasty is taboo.One wonders how long Tharoor will last in the party.

Mookhi Amir Ali,
Santacruz West,