You are much more than your actions

Everyone’s consciousness is so rich and filled with good qualities. You don’t need to borrow it from outside, it is already there. It just needs a little bit of nourishment. Like a lotus flower; all the petals are already there, it simply needs to blossom, open up, and show its glory. Similarly, every single individual has these qualities. Whether pure or impure, however you are, yet, remember the Being as lotus (the lotus flower is born in mud, but it never smeared or attached to the mud).

The Being is blossomed like a lotus (pundarīka means blossomed like a lotus). The Being is a witness. When you know that you are a witness, that brings you inner and outer purity immediately. Why should you not hate anybody? It is because whomsoever you hate, that person occupies a big portion in your consciousness. Whatever or whomsoever we think of, corresponding changes happen in our body.

When you think of someone you don’t like, an unpleasant sensation arises in your body. If you think of someone who is very greedy and ambitious, you will get that type of vibration in you. There are many such people; there are many thorns. The nature of thorns is to prick you in your feet. You cannot keep the thorn and keep questioning it, ‘Why did you prick me? It is nasty of you to prick me! I won’t forgive you because you are pricking me!’ The thorn will say, ‘Hey, come on, it is my nature.

I can’t but do this, I only do this!’ The intelligent one just sto-ps thinking about them. Or they will have compassion for them and think, ‘What an ignorant person, they never had a drop of wisdom in their life. They don’t know that if you hurt someone, it is going to come back to them ten times more. They are ignorant, and it is their nature.’ If you are big-hearted, you will recognise they didn’t know what they were doing; out of greed or jealousy they did what they did.

Now, you remove the thorn, throw it, and walk your way. Think of someone you love so much, and the love gets kindled in you. Think of someone who is very peaceful or joyous, and you will feel that same vibration. The same sense of joy catches onto your consciousness. So, just the remembrance of an awakened consciousness, makes you feel the purity.

Realise you are much more than the actions you do. You are much more than your situations, your surroundings, your thoughts, your emotional patterns. You are much more than what you think about yourself. As you become more and more grateful, more grace flows in your life. When the consciousness blossoms, it remains unblemished and untouched, at the same time, it is witnessing, and it is the awakened consciousness.
You don’t need to do anything to be in witness consciousness; it dawns on its own. The more peaceful you become, the more you repose in yourself the more it dawns on you.

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