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He is best known for his innovative style, integrity and energetic performance. Las Vegas based musician Ghalib Ghallab performed to a packed hall in the City last week. He had the audience groove to every one of his pieces.

Ghalib, who is one of Las Vegas’ prime proponents of eclectic jazz, performed his own compositions among other popular R&B, blue, funk and rock music. He began with ‘What’s going on’, a contemporary song that was tuned and composed for the young.

As a child, Ghalib grew up on 95th street in LA. His childhood and memories of growing up on the street came alive in ‘95th Street’. ‘Jaunate’ was a piece he composed for his mother.
That Ghalib’s grooves are infectious just adds to the charm of his performance. Latin sambas and strident modern funk to classical tri-format jazz and rollicking blues — he loves them all and packs a bit of everything into all his compositions. 

Ghalib loves the sound and mix of  Bollywood music and has attempted to incorporate the same in some of his compositions. “The dance is well coordinated with the song and the music has a lot of rhythm in it,” avers Ghalib. He confesses that Indian classical music and the sitar have crept into his music. Ghalib says that he plans to write a piece on India as soon as he gets back.

“It’s the movement of the people and the endless stream of vehicles that amaze me. There’s never a dull moment in India. It’s bustling with life,” observes Ghalib and adds, “I will reflect upon my experience here and you’ll see it come alive in my music.” 

Accompanied by his son Jihad Ghallab on drums and bass player Blaise Sison, Ghalib promised to return to the City with newer sounds.

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