Modern with tradition

Modern with tradition


Modern with tradition

Youngsters have not ignored their culture.

They have adopted the Western way of living in some form or the other. At the same time, they have also learnt the art of balancing this lifestyle with the customs and traditions followed by their parents at their homes.

While elderly people accuse them of not having any respect for Indian culture, youngsters say that moving with contemporary trends is not a bad idea. Anirudh Kaallur, a student from Dayananda Sagar Institutions, says that he sticks to tradition in spite of being a modern guy.

“At social gatherings, I would like to present myself in accord with the latest fad. When it comes to home, I religiously practise all the long-standing customs. Every morning, I spend time doing Pooja. I can recite shlokas and bhajans. I start off every new work by offering pooja in the temple. During exams, I touch my parents’ feet and take their blessings,” says Anirudh.

This way they are in tune with old traditions as well. Most of the youngsters who pose as ultra-modern follow rituals. Aman Dwivedi, a model, is from a very traditional family. But his long hair, tattoos on his biceps and funky look gives an impression that he knows nothing about traditional values.

 “As I am a model by profession, I have to update myself with new looks. My lifestyle is a part of my profession. But I never neglected customs and highly regard our traditions and family values. I regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa which boosts my will power,” says Aman. 

Santosh Gangolli, who is working with an MNC, likes the traditional way of life but has adapted himself to a modern lifestyle when he’s with friends.

“I am from an orthodox family. My parents want me to continue the family tradition. I have no problem in mingling with my friends who are modern and I enjoy their company,” says Santosh. 

Kavya is a salsa instructor and runs a dance school. Even though she bats for contemporary trends, traditions have a considerable hold on her.

“I think Indians cannot move away from traditions and I am not an exception to it. I dress up in Western style, eat pizzas and burgers and I practice Western dance styles. But it does not mean that I don’t respect our tradition,” she says.

“Every year, I arrange for a special pooja in my dance class to weed out evil things. During every festival, I take special interest in decorating my house with mango leaves, rangoli and banana plants. I prepare different kinds of traditional dishes and actively participate in all the rituals,” Kavya adds.

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