Of mango kulfi and quick delights

Of mango kulfi and quick delights

Delicious desserts

Of mango kulfi and quick delights

Generally, refrigerators are religiously stocked with pints of multi-flavoured ice creams, juicy summer fruits and summer drinks.

Though for some spending time in the kitchen is a tad difficult, there are others who revel in the joy of cooking rustling up new recipes. And believe it or not, the easiest things to prepare are desserts.

For starters, one can try a variety of combinations with available fruits and ice creams. The simplest of all, “A scoop of vanilla ice cream with mango cubes is just a reliever for my sweet tooth in summer,” says Chavi Singh, an interior designing student. The stock ice cream, combined with a number of other desserts like gulab jamun with ice cream, hot brownie with ice cream, makes yummy combos.

West Bengal’s mouthwatering rasmalai and spongy-soft rasgullas, easily available at a sweetmart are also excellent options to have in summer.

People who love snacking can make themselves a delicious layered salad, with Marie biscuits, banana, condensed milk and a thin layer of whipped fresh cream.

“In summer, I prepare phirni – a Punjabi dessert which involves a simple process -- grind the overnight soaked rice. Boil the milk and add the rice paste stirring it all the time. Cook for while and add sugar along with dry fruits and lastly add condensed milk. Refrigerate it in mud pots and serve chilled,” says Neelam Mukhi, a housewife.

She also shares another recipe- Pudding with paneer which though takes little effort to prepare but tastes delicious in summer.

For preparing this dessert you have to boil a litre of milk and add 250 grams of curd to it to make paneer.

In another vessel boil the one litre milk and put the cooled paneer in it and stir.
Cook on low flame for half an hour, add sugar to taste and essence to remove the sour smell of curd. Refrigerate and serve.

“Desserts are not just to sate craving for sweets but they also have health benefits, like moong dal halwa which helps in relieving headache in summer,” says Dharampal Gupta, owner a food store.

People who are fond of mangoes can try a lot of desserts in summer like Mango Mastani-a shake-cum-dessert which has mango milkshake with vanilla ice cream along with dry fruits.

Another quick and easy sweet dish which can be made is mango-raita-curd with mango cubes and a little sugar.

In the list we can also add mango kulfi. Just as summers are best to make pickles and papads, mango kulfis are a must-have in the hot summer months.

Try these desserts this season and the delicate sweetness of these concoctions will make your taste buds go wow!