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A day in the life of a soccer jersey

Hi, my name is #21. I am a Soccer Jersey. Every weekend, I get  a nice airing. I am always fresh, crisp and clean. Today is Saturday.

Our team (the White Waves) are playing Alliance today. Oops! I forgot to tell you, I am white, thus our name. Got it? We are now in the car and on our way. Sometimes, my girl’s mom drives real fast! Anyway, see you at the game.

Okay, here we are! Every time I get out, I always can’t believe how big the field is! I mean, it’s way bigger than the tiny dresser drawer that I am usually put into and spend most of my time in, you know.

It is called “perspective”. Anyway, we are warming up for the game. The girl that is wearing me, well, her mom is the coach.

I am surrounded by many other white jerseys — they are my teammates and friends. Here are their names: #10, #32, #31, #11, #22 (my best friend, our numbers are right next to each other), #00, #99, #53, and #60. #00 always thinks she is the best, better than everyone. Excuse me, that is totally rude! She never passes the ball! That’s it, the game is about to start. Grab some popcorn and take a seat!

The game is ON. This is no time to be funny. Our rival today is the best team in the league. We are getting crushed: 0 to 2 now.

Ouch! They are winning and we are fretting. Oh, and besides, the girl wearing me is like a huge sweat bomb ready to explode! I am as soaked as a sponge. Now, the first half is almost over. But there is good news: we have caught up.  The score is 2 to 2. Phew! We are tied, and we now have a chance at winning.

P.S. #00 has the ball and is not passing while we are screaming our heads off for her to pass. Isn’t that plain RUDE?

Suddenly, something horrible happens. The girl wearing me just slipped! I am suddenly all muddy and the girl is crying — she has twisted her ankle. The coach (also known as ‘Her Mom’) has come onto the field.

She carries me off the field. Under the shade of the ‘team tent’, they wrap ice around her ankle. She starts feeling better, and is anxious to play, and so am I. Suddenly, the whistle blows, ending the first half.

#00 brags that she scored all 2 goals. My girl did not score any, so I am silent but stewing. I tell you #00  is just plain ferocious, horrible and selfish! Tweet! The second half is about to start. My girl is back on the field as a forward. Luckily, #00 is off the field taking a break.

As the game moves along, the ball is passed up to my girl. Action! She runs as fast as the wind and I am happy for the cool, fresh air. Now, it is just her and the goalie. She blows through the defenders, finds an opening, closes her eyes, and takes a shot! Boooom! She scores, er, we score! Now it’s 3 to 2. Pulling away, eh? Now, we are crushing them. Before you know it, we are halfway through the second half and feeling better every minute.

Suddenly, the ball is passed our way. My girl receives it — bless her heart, rather skill! But this time, the defenders are like brick walls. But my girl is now scissoring, then doing cuts, and then a spin (or a Maradona) which leaves me dizzy, and — what do you know — it is just her (and I) and the goalie facing off. Again, she closes her eyes for a second and when she opens them, she is all action! Shot, Boom, Goal! Just like that.

As soon as the next kickoff happens, the girl wearing me steals it and starts to run off again. The defenders are now resigned to fate (they probably see the writing on the wall), so she dribbles around them and with no worries takes her shot and of course it goes in!

Tweet! The game ends.

Our team is now screaming and the girls are thrilled! The final score stands at 4 to
2. We have won!

After the game, we all go out for ice- cream. My girl gets the cake batter flavour. Yum! Oops, she spills some on me, but thank goodness her ice-cream is white, so the stain does not show.

When we get home, I spin through the wash. It feels so good to get clean after an awesome day, but sad to know it’s over. When I am done, I am gently folded and put back inside the dresser drawer. That was fun!

Oh and by the way, thank you for coming to the game. Hope to see you next time!

Anjalie Gowda Grade 4, Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School, Ellicott City, MD, USA.

Season of Joy!

What a season of IPL it has been,
The best competition we have ever seen.
From April 4th to May 27th all the way,
Players delighted us with their stroke play.

Deccan Chargers had luck against their favour,
Mostly defeat they had to savour.
Dada’s Warriors began really well, 
But at number 8 they had to dwell.

Dravid’s Royals were great initially,
But DC crushed their chances, brutally.
Preity’s Kings were consistent,
But only lacked being persistent.

RCB’s story had a tragic ending,
Their last defeat left us all repenting.
Gayle and de Villiers were superb but we failed,
And Captain Kohli’s ship, for long, didn’t sail!
Mumbai, in the Eliminator, began grandly,
Only to be beaten by Chennai, roundly. 
Then, Daredevils suffered the same fate,
Sad, they haven’t qualified for the final to date!    

Now for the best final in all these years,
Sigh! Super Kings left many fans in tears.
Runners-up, they finished in the thriller,
Though Raina’s batting was worth several features and fillers.

Hurrah for the Kolkata Knight Riders,
Against Dhoni’s icy nerves they were winners.
They satisfied their quest for the title,
Not one moment did Gambhir’s boys idle.

That marked the end of IPL Five,
Entertainment and Controversies Live.
Now a year’s jinx must be broken,
To get our next IPL token!

Shalmalee Suresh, Bishop Cotton Girls School.


There are some unique things
That you want to achieve
To make your life worthwhile
Just before you leave.

There are many ways to attain your goals
But you should choose the best
The one that your heart
Treats like a precious test.

Dreams, by themselves, are no good
When there is no path for them
When you wake up and work
The path forms behind every hem.

When you start the journey
Your mind and heart bright
You take one step at a time
The ones you think are right.

You must spread your wings
And fly high to reach your goal
Though you may fall down
You have to try hard, play every role.

Your heart will be filled with desire
Your mind will crave the best
Your body will be tired from the journey
And will long for a rest.

But you will have to move along
To reach the golden pot
Which justifies all your hard work
Your desires and what not!

You will then notice the flowers
The beauty of Spring
For you’d have attained success
You’d have become King!

Your mind and heart will be content
You will feel unusually light
Your success, your dreams
Would have, finally, come to sight.

Thus as the old saying goes
Try, try and try till you succeed
Don’t ever give up
Always stay in the lead.

Go on, reach your goal
Put up your hands and leap
And hold your dreams in your hands
For, success, you will definitely reap!

Prakruthi Harihar,  Class IX ‘D’,

Sri Kumaran Children’s Home (CBSE).

(Published 07 June 2012, 14:30 IST)

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