'I'm in no hurry to court fame'

'I'm in no hurry to court fame'

Aiming high

'I'm in no hurry to court fame'

Jennifer Kotwal

“I wanted to move away from the movie scene for a while. And when I get a good national reach, why wouldn’t I go for it? SandaIwood covers only Karnataka. I wanted to get beyond all that,” Jennifer told Metrolife.

Jennifer says she is not one of those who goes knocking and waits at directors’ offices to get a role.

“I pick and choose the roles that I want to do. I may have umpteen offers lined up but I’d do only what suits my character. I have worked within my own zone,” says Jennifer.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Jennifer has lived there all her life.

She was hand-picked to play the lead in Jogi and since then she has had offers pouring her way from Sandalwood.

“I am in no hurry to court fame. I will only do those things that I enjoy doing and wouldn’t take up something just to be in the limelight,” she avers.

Jennifer’s clear that whatever offers come her way have to be commercial in content and that she must be given the lead role.

She says she’s taking it easy until a really good offer comes her way. She’s playing the lead with Dignath in Bisle, “It’s a love story. I wouldn’t want to reveal more,” she