Power of pranic healing amazes eye surgeon

Power of pranic healing amazes eye surgeon

He was speaking after inaugurating a day-long workshop on ‘health, wealth and happiness with pranic healing’ organised by Mysore Yoga Vidya Pranic Healers Association at the Centenary Hall of Sarada Vilas College in the city recently.

An eminent eye surgeon having over 25,000 cataract operations to his credit, Murthy was looking frantically to cure his wife’s ailment who was suffering from neck and shoulder pain for a quite a long period despite of best treatment from a well known orthopedic surgeon. He also tapped ayurveda for some time, but in vain. Incidentally he met a pranic healer and tried that treatment with least hope. To his surprise, his wife got amazing relief on the very first day. It was beyond his medical acumen. Murthy learnt the nuances of pranic healing techniques.

Murthy confronted a patient in his hospital. She was suffering from ‘recurrent corneal’ ailment with severe infection. Before coming to Murthy, she had underwent treatment for more than a week with antibiotic injections and topical drops. To control the pain, higher dosage of pain killers were also administered. Resultantly the patient was already feeling nausea, giddiness and fatigue.

Murthy tried pranic healing on this patient and further sought an expert’s help. It worked as the pain was reduced so also the inflammation of the eye and face.

After the second day of treatment, sensation of nausea and giddiness reduced perceptibly. Murthy said that he did not prescribe any medicine during the course of treatment. Then onwards, the dosages of medicines and eye drops were reduced and within 15 days epithelim was completely healed. Eye was looking more clear and within 15 days epithelium was completely healed.

Eye was looking more clear and healthy. There was no pain and her well being was very fine declared Murthy. He also treated his brother-in-law and son for  tooth ache and stomach related complaints through distant healing successfully.

 It has been documented that even patients of cancer in body, brain, blood etc, have got great relief from pranic healing. Really it would work complementary in our allopathic treatment”, Murthy added.