Photos that spread the word on yoga

Photos that spread the word on yoga

To mark the International World Yoga Day on June 21, city-based photographer and documentary filmmaker Benoy K Behl’s photography exhibition, ‘Yoga for All, Yoga for Health’, on yoga across the world, is being showcased in 20 Indian embassies across the world.

The photographic exhibition consists of 64 photographs of the finest practitioners of yoga, taken across India, Vietnam and USA.

The photographs depict how yoga as a concept has become extremely popular around the world. There are thousands who take up yoga practice in the USA, Europe and in other countries. However, most of them see yoga as a kind of physical exercise. This exhibition marks the formal presentation before the world of the importance of yoga.

“I am deeply grateful to the Ministry of External Affairs for using my work on yoga to spread the message around the world. The world is going through a serious crisis of physical and mental health. In my firm view, yoga is the only answer which is left for the world. Not only will the world benefit more from yoga owing to this act, but it also draws clear attention to India as the originator of yoga,” says Behl. 

In Indian context, representations of this fine form of exercise, were found in the Indus Valley seals of 5,000 years ago. The Upanishads, formulated by the 8th and 9th century BCE, put forward the concepts of yoga. Ancient Indian philosophy is deeply related to yoga. The best answer to the problems of the world today, appears to be this ancient answer from the Indian traditions.

The veteran photographer says, “Scientists and doctors around the world have found yoga to be extremely beneficial for all people. Yoga is the most profound and deep study of the human mind ever conducted. There is much the entire world can benefit from it.”
He explains his belief and says that in an age where considerable medical problems and psychological disorders are created by the pressures of the commercialised world, the only answer appears to be yoga.

Last month, the Health Minister, Jagat Prakash Nadda and Margaret Chan, director-general, World Health Organisation (WHO), inaugurated Behl’s photographic exhibition in WHO headquarters, Geneva.

Behl’s epic documentary on yoga, shot across India and the world, is also being screened in 50 countries on World Yoga Day.