Much more than just a 'workplace'

Much more than just a 'workplace'

Who isn’t aware of Monday morning blues? After a long weekend, one suddenly feels the pangs of going to office the next day. Is it because of sheer laziness or is it the entirely changed mindset of today’s generation that makes them shy from a hectic job.

While the city is full of start-ups and other small enterprises which are flourishing in the market, Metrolife went forward to explore the status of their employees, and what makes them look forward to their jobs and office, even on a Sunday.

Twenty-three-year old Smrithi Nair, who works with a steadily growing start-up says, “For me my office isn’t just an office, it’s also one of my favourite hangout spots.”

“When I passed out from college, I never wanted to go for a typical ‘nine to five’ job where I’m surrounded with bosses, Sirs and Ma’ams. I’m glad I chose a start-up over any other established company, because I knew I couldn’t have survived in the strict environment with mind-boggling deadlines,” she tells Metrolife. But does this imply that a start-up-environment is more convenient and employee-friendly than an established multinational company?

Given the present-day work scenario, one cannot deny the fact that freedom in workplace is important for a healthy working environment. Gone are the times when working under the commands of a senior, or a boss was accepted by the employee, irrespective of what the latter believed in.

As Nair says, “It is both motivating and encouraging to be around individuals who are easy to communicate with. Besides, my colleagues in office are almost like a second set of friends that I have in my life.”
Sharing similar views is Vanshdeep Singh who works with LimeTray, another start-up based in Delhi. “Rather than saying that I look forward to Monday mornings, I would say that the demarcation between a workday and a weekend has lost its significance.”

Justifying his decision to work in this company, he continues, “Having passed out from college, I realised that there are two kinds of people in this world – the ones who hate corporate lifestyle but the delusion of money allows them to live through it; and the ones who quit it regardless. I certainly, belong to the latter category!”
While Singh quit three jobs in a matter of seven months before joining LimeTray, he now feels, “I can stay for a significantly longer time. Along with having enthusiastic colleagues who are as chilled-out as I am, I also get a great opportunity to learn and grow in this place.”

However, Surbhi Bhandari, 25, who works in American Express (AmEx) in Gurgaon, is convinced and happy with her current job. “Even though I have to work on certain deadlines and reaching the office at 8:30 every morning, can be a pain, I love my office.”

“To a certain extent, I credit my workplace for getting a certain kind of discipline in my life. From achieving punctuality to learning manners and dressing up properly, I think AmEx helped me learn a lot in life, apart from work,” she tells Metrolife.

Workplaces like these can be a godsend for a lot of people. Not everyone is lucky enough to accomplish their ‘dream job’. A lot many make comprises and work because of the lack of opportunity and probably lack of capability.

Thus, a healthy, positive and enthusiastic working environment can surely serve as an inspiring factor for a lot of people to work and stand on their feet.

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