Tigress takes the centre stage

Tigress takes the centre stage

Tigress takes the centre stage

Gooli Hatti
Kannada (A) Director: Shanshank Raj
Cast: Tejaswini, Pawan Surya, Avinash, Sharath Lohitswa, Rangayana Raghu

Doff your hats and raise a toast to Tejaswani. This diminutive damsel is the real hero of Gooli Hatti. If at all Gooli Hatti, which pursues the premise Silicon City has turned Crime City, is a bearable watch, it is because of Tejaswini.

Even as Gooli Hatti speaks of how Paachi (Pawan Kumar) from distant village comes to City, only to be drawn into criminal world, it is Poorni, from conservative and traditional middle-class family, who towers tall like a roused tigress.

While Paachi and his four friends, turn menials of realtor-criminal don, it is Poorni, multi-tasking firebrand fighter, who brooking no chauvinistic assaults, braves the battle both at home and society outside.

A dancer, music teacher, who runs a Nandini milk parlour to fend for her family of retired headmaster Dattareya, mother, kid-sister and counselling grandma, Poorni is the epitome of today’s doing, dutiful yet daring woman. At home she fends off a fusillade of advices from elders, on streets, she takes on leery, lecherous louts.

So much so, Poorni doesn’t bat an eyelid while slippering at her father’s aggressor, henchman of realtor, sent to grab their prime property by force when enticements and threats elicit no meek compliance.

Sadly, minus subtle, but spiritedly etched Poorni, though her fights are rendered comedic, and her well-rounded family we empathise with, Shashankar Raj’s Gooli Hatti, is the pits. Laudable in intention of assailing City’s crumbling charms and how rural youth falsely lured by glitzy dreams are driven to crime, Gooli Hatti, sans Tejaswini as Poorni, is crass, crude and totally insufferable.

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