The world through her lenses

The world through her lenses

Keen eye

At the age of 17, Amira Chanana managed to put up her first solo photography exhibition titled ‘Travelogue’ and decided to donate all the proceedings of the show to the charity Unite for Sight. The series of 18 pictures which Chanana clicked during her visits to some of the most beautiful places in the world, were displayed at a show recently held at Alliance Francaise.

Talking to Metrolife, Chanana reveals how she the photography bug bit her. “It all started at the age of 11. It was when I got my own camera. I was privileged enough to visit some of the most beautiful places of the world, not only with my family but also thanks to the schools where I studied. The places I’ve travelled to and the FOMO (fear of missing out) the moment of each place inspired me and led me realise my passion of photography. I used to paint, but as times progressed I found myself devoting less and less time to the creative side of me. But photography really filled this void and much more for me,” says the Economics student.

“Photography is a medium that shatters all man-made boundaries, as anyone from any caste, creed, religion or gender, educated or not can understand and discern a photograph to their best ability,” she further adds.

All the pictures by Chanana are shot in black and white. She believes that the ‘monochromatic way’ of expressions are far more understandable and engaging. “I chose the medium of black and white photography as I personally find it much more emotionally stimulating and engaging. The distraction of vivid hues of colours for me detracts the viewer from the nuances and message of the photographs,” Chanana tells Metrolife.

Sharing the experience of her first solo show, Chanana says,“To be honest, I was a bit nervous before my first show. But I believe in my photographs and I feel that it was the most important factor that led me to being confident and determined throughout this whole process. I was very touched by the generosity of the guests as the proceeds from the sale of my photographs are going to charity. On balance, I was immensely pleased with my first exhibition and it has motivated me to strive harder in my passion for photography,” says the avid traveller.

Chanana, who adores the works of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, says “I am a firm believer in ‘there is no limit/ age for learning’. Hence, I am always learning and my view on life is maturing as I am. But one thing is for sure -- creativity comes in different forms and talents--and I deem that exposing oneself to different creative mediums and trying to appreciate them is a very important learning curve. It allows one to have an open mind, which for me, is very important during stressful times.”

Commenting on her future plans, she says, “I aim to attain formal training in photography once I head to college next year while simultaneously touring different parts of the world to photograph. I would like to take up photography as a profession”.