Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...


Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Writing on the wall: Mirrors covering walls from the floor and upto the ceiling double the size of the room and make it look splendid and magnificent. Getty Images“I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it is such a beautiful animal. There you go, I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.” When an American comedian said the above lines, she put across an idea, though with a pun, that it is a much better idea to decorate walls with photos of your loved ones instead of putting their stuffed heads on it.

The art of decorating and beautifying walls with accessories somehow does not conform to the trend of having plain and unornamented walls. It defies interior designers, who support the school of thought that walls should be kept clear and uncluttered with minimum objects. Why ignore walls that can immensely enhance a house’s look and add vibrancy to it. All it requires is a bit of good aesthetic sense and planning. Walls are like a blank canvas, which can be used to explore, experiment and turn them into the most attractive part of any house.

Limiting it to switch boards and clocks is wasting its potential. Decorate bare walls with wall-mounted lights, candle holders, book shelves, fancy wall fixtures or just cover them up immaculately with wallpaper available in varied designs. Stretch your imagination a bit more and you can see yourself using the following choices to revamp your walls at home.

This is an option that might strike you first, but don’t overdo it. Too many paintings on walls may turn your house into an art gallery and could look distasteful. They should be selected tastefully, with a view to add a touch of sophistication to the room and should be put up where they suit the best.
A collection of a few but nice paintings reflect the artistic leanings of the house’s inmates as well. Go for the ones which provide soothing visuals, like serene landscapes, or something done in pastel shades for the most frequented spot of the house like the living room. Glass paintings done in nice vibrant colours are also excellent options.

The best place to put them is in the bedrooms, especially if you want to have self portraits. They add a personalised touch to your cozy corner.  However, it is not a bad idea to put the snaps taken on family occasions or during festivals in the family area, as it lends a homely appeal to the space.
The clustered look surely looks nice and chic only if the frame size is kept small and the distance within each frame is carefully measured.

Mirrors tastefully framed in ornate gold frames or any other styles add an instant touch of style to the place. Mirrors covering walls from the floor and up to the ceiling double the size of the room and make it look splendid and magnificent. Etched mirrors with intriguing patterns elevate the style quotient of the room.

Wall hangings
Beautiful hangings in the form of rugs or any attractive handicraft item made of thread, porcelain, clay, wood and metal are ideal as wall decorations. A little experimenting won’t do harm. For instance, using a stunning silver antique necklace pinned and framed aesthetically will make a wonderful wall hanging. Also, you can get your toddler’s favourite dress framed and put it up in his/her room.
Kids’ room
Children love to scribble, period. Why not turn a portion of the walls in the kids’ room into their very own canvas?
Paint it black if you want to give it the formal look of a black board or any other bright colour with a paint that can easily be wiped out. Give them the liberty to scribble and draw whatever they want but within that fixed limit. Another option is to get their favourite cartoon characters painted on the walls. They will simply love it!