Foundation of new world

Foundation of new world

Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good: Mahatma Gandhi

There is a famous saying in Hindi: ‘Sarv ke sahyog se sukhmay sansar’, which means we can create a happy world with everyone’s co-operation. There is no doubt that we all aspire to be happy all the time, but for that, we must remember that co-operation is a precious quality which contributes greatly to the happiness of those who give and of those who get it.

Hence it’s a two-way process that leads us to our ultimate goal of establishing a better and peaceful world.  In a Better World, there would be reverence for life. So, should there be reverence for the happiness of others, for, if there is no happiness in life, then reverence for life has little or no meaning.

A Better World is, therefore, only another name for a ‘Happy World’. Of the many factors, which contribute to human happiness, co-operation stands out distinctly and yet it is not a lone virtue, as it manifests along with other qualities.
When we co-operate with someone, we do so because we have good wishes for that person. Our co-operation means that we have the intention to help solve a problem. So, co-operation accompanies ‘good wishes’ and the spirit of help.

Also, co-operation brings in a feeling of unity and of harmony. It implies mutual understanding and what is called humanism. It gives a person the feeling that he or she is not alone but there are others around who are willing to give their helping hand.
It is this good feeling that makes one’s life happy and worth living. It makes even great challenges appear trivial. It makes life a play if not a sheer joy. So, the foundations of a Better World, which means the same thing as a Happy World, can be laid down only by Co-operation. Lack of co-operation implies divisionism, hate, lack of concern and absence of love and fellow-feeling.

It also implies competitive acquisitiveness or selfishness. It is this kind of negativity, which is the killer of happiness, which is the essence of a Better World.
The moment co-operation comes, all this negativity vanishes.

But, let us never forget that it is happiness that gives us zest and enthusiasm and the will to have fruitful life. Hence,we must not miss happiness under any circumstances at any cost.

So, come on, let us all be happy to build a happy world through positive thinking and co-operation.