You win him when you lose 'I'

You win him when you lose 'I'

A spiritual aspirant wins when he loses his sense of “I” and “mine”. Conquering the petty self dominated by the whims and fancies of ego and relinquishing it in favour of experiencing the universal self is the purpose of spiritual practice.

Be in the Sadguru’s company as much as you can. Steadfast faith in the Guru and practising His teachings help us realise His presence in us.

“To realise Him in us, is the first step,” said Swami Yatiswarananda, “then we realise Him in others. Then comes a new outlook, a new sympathy. After the training in our faculties, the will power becomes stronger. Feeling, willing and knowing must be co-ordinated, must be transcended through prayer, meditation, discharge of our duties and self-control. Great energy is needed for spiritual life.”

“Men are of different types but the goal is the same for all: to realise the soul’s connection with the Divine, ending in the realization of their unity.”

“Selfless activity is a step towards the attainment of Divinity. If faith is added it becomes easier. Noble sentiments have a great spiritual value. They take us nearer to God. In some, devotion is the dominant factor. But along with feeling, there must be discrimination and right activity. Co-ordinate the different faculties. Rise above the faculties and know the Truth. May the Self inspire and guide us.”

“Our aim is to be free while living to attain freedom before we die. We must do our best
in this very life as human birth is a very rare privilege. Aspire to realise the Divine before death. Strive, proceed towards the goal. As long as we have our ego, the responsibility is ours. We must act and get nearer to perfection.” You win Him when lose “I”.
For this to happen, there must be genuine hunger and thirst for true knowledge. Life is a vast mystery.

We are allowed only a small glimpse. Its secrets are esoteric. Real bliss can be experienced only by delving within.

The Sadguru’s instructions must be followed meticulously. He must not be emulated but His teachings must be put into action. Lord Dakshinamurthy, the primal Guru, imparted knowledge through silence. It is the most powerful means of spiritual initiation in contrast to other methods, including initiation by touch, by sight or by being given a mantra.

Practising moderation in our actions and exercising self-control by taming the restless mind and directing it within, we develop dispassion.

Chanting the mantra given by the Guru helps us to achieve that objective. Our minds and hearts are transformed through pure absorption.
There comes a point of
time in the process where the chanter and the chanting merge and assume one form.

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