A mundane, musical romance

A mundane, musical romance

Kannada (U) Cast: Ganesh, Richa Panai,
Erica Fernandes, Sadhu Kokila
Director: M D Shridhar

The director-actor duo of Shridhar and Ganesh are back with yet another romance. Routine and regressive in its romantic take, the film, is saved by pleasing background score and songs by music director Mickey J Meyer. The songs are easy on ears and quite melodious and pleasureable.

Likewise, it also boasts of picturesque photography by cinematographer A V Krishna Kumar who provides picture-postcard touristy view of Malayasia’s famous scenic spots and Mangaluru’s coastline and its verdant landscapes.

Further embellishing the otherwise tacky, turgid romantic tale are the two heroines - Richa and Erica, decked up in choicest of haute coutre dresses, who are indeed feast for sore eyes. They have nothing to do than fan attendance on Golden Star Ganesh,  pirouette around as pretty things, jig and jive to sing-song dance ensembles.  Given that Buguri is his 25th celluloid vehicle, one wishes Ganesh had captalised and pushed the envelope than play safe with familiar routine, for the story gives one a sense of deja vu. It revolves around student stalker Krishna who pursues Nandini and goes about doing her bidding till she succumbs awed at his derring-do rescue acts. Though cupid strikes, desinty and family circumstances will otherwise.

Do Krishna and Nandini get each other? The film is told in flashback following Krishna’s betrothal to Ishaniya in Malayasia where he is now a CEO of a mobile charger company — Hello. Suffice to say Ganesh’s fans may go ga ga over Buguri. For rest Buguri is best left to wobble away.