At Deccan Herald competition, a glimpse of child prodigy painters

At Deccan Herald competition, a glimpse of child prodigy painters

At Deccan Herald competition, a glimpse of child prodigy painters

In a society where wisdom swings from unsung voices to mere cacophony, it’s not surprising that more often than not children come up with the quirkiest, most thoughtful and most intelligent ideas. The proof was in the pudding at the Deccan Herald Painting and Quiz competition on Saturday.

In an enjoyable evening at the Koramangala Park, children from the neighbourhood got busy with colours, spray paints, pastels, sketch pens and pencils as they drew their idea of a beautiful India.

The children’s imagination sparkled in the contest like a tinder box.
While the younger ones took a thematic route and set off with images and motifs of how they visualise India, such as the national flag, the map, the national bird and the animal, the older ones confidently opted for ‘Unity in Diversity’ and drew people of various religions and backgrounds.

Independence Day parades and marching soldiers were other themes that the children touched upon. Some also drew bright, picturesque sceneries of clear streams and forests, hoping to see a greener India in future.

While Arjun Majumdar’s drawing was mostly a culmination of the symbols of India, Yohann, a student at Head Start Montessori House of Children, said: “I like to see the flag on Independence Day and decided to draw it. It makes me happy when I stand near the flag and salute as the National Anthem is played.”

Favourite hobbies

Sinchana, from Bethany High School, said drawing and colouring were his favourite hobbies. “I will draw Mahatma Gandhi because that is how I remember him today.” But
it wasn’t children alone, parents too had an enjoyable evening as they watched their wards paint.

Apart from the painting contest, other events that the children enjoyed were origami and mask-painting. They were taught to make large pontiffs and paint yellow masks. They clapped, tapped and frolicked around in their ‘make-over’. Priyansh, from Bishop Cotton Boys’ High School, said he drew a lion in the mask so that it looked frightening to everybody.

A high-octave quiz competition was also held where questions on history and politics were asked. This part of the show was mostly by adults with children “helping” their parents answer most of the questions. The children returned home with certificates and exciting goodies.

It was a completely crafty evening at a serene, salubrious place. Members of the Koramangala Residents’ Welfare Association were also present.