A public project

A public project

Unique platform

Sociologist and photographer Sabine Felber, a bangaloREsident@Blank Noise, will launch a unique platform for women in the City on August 19, 6 pm onwards, at Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan. The project, ‘See My Story’, includes four short digital and 21 self-portraits which are thought-provoking. It will be followed by an animated panel discussion on public art, which will be curated by Jaaga DNA.

    It includes reflections on the safety of women in public spaces and comprises the narrator’s voice, music and video sequences. Sabine has also worked with 21 women from different social backgrounds on self-portraits. The act of taking a self-portrait — with the help of a remote control and camera sitting on a tripod gives the person in front of the camera responsibility for the outcome. The interpretation of the photographer is eliminated. The accompanying text offers a short personal reflection about safety in public space.

   This dialogue is intended to highlight the need for more public art practices in the City. The panellists include Smitha Cariappa,Chief Organiser, Live Art Festival; Sumana Chandrashekar, Programme Executive, Project 560 at India Foundation for the Arts, and Suresh Kumar G, curator of ‘080:30’.

For details, call 2520 5305/6/7/8 or visit www.goethe.de/bangalore