Hitting the right key

Hitting the right key

Hitting the right key

Hailing from the city of London, Nicki Hickey, a keyboardist, has had some memorable experiences in the City.

Her recent performance in collaboration with ‘Toccata Musical Production’ was received by the audience with love and appreciation.

 This being her second visit to the City, she says, “It’s my second time in Bengaluru, and I can’t see much of a difference. It is always very exciting to be here. The people are very helpful.”

Talking about her performance this year, she says, “We did two performances and the crowd was amazing — very enthusiastic and cheerful. Both the performances were really appreciated. I love it when the crowd is enthusiastic. This helps artistes, especially the ones who are new on stage, to give their best.”

Admiring the weather of Bengaluru and its people, she says, “The weather here is warm and lovely, and the occasional showers make it all the more beautiful. I must say the crowd in the City is very diverse and friendly. Looks like people here are always ready to assist anyone who is new to the place.”

Expressing her love for Indian food, she says, “It is a treat to one’s taste buds. I must mention the wide range of food, the aroma of the spices and flavours are just amazing. I love having ‘dals’, ‘chappati’, ‘biryani’, and the vegetable dishes and relish the curries. They are so tasty and spicy.”

 She adds, “Surprisingly, I don’t find the food that spicy here. Back home, Indian food is either very bland or too hot. But here, the food is just perfect. It’s tasty with the right balance of all flavours.”