One sunny morning

One sunny morning

Fun and frolic

One sunny morning

For most Bengalureans, Sundays are usually the days when they want to relax and spend time at home, lazing around, unwinding and preparing for yet another crazy week ahead. However, the picture is a little different at Cubbon Park every Sunday. Various recreational activities and events around the park make the atmosphere fun and lively.

To mark the occasion of World Photography Day recently, ‘Shoot Bob’, a passionate group of photographers based in Bengaluru, organised a photo walk at Cubbon Park called ‘SHOOT BOBTM a Free Photo Walk’. Founded by Amit Kamat, Balaji Jayavelu, Deepak Kaikini and Vikas Kalagi. ‘Shoot Bob’ is a company with a mission that aims to blend the experience of travel and fun with photography. “We conduct workshops on photography as well as professional photography expeditions and tours to destinations that are extensively researched for scope of photography in various genres,” says Deepak.

The event was open to all photo enthusiasts who are passionate about clicking and experimenting with pictures. With an interesting theme ‘composition of the frame’ and over 150 registrations, the photo walk was a success. “There were people from Hyderabad who extended their trip just for the event and also many in the City came from Hosur and Sidlaghatta. This really boosted our morale,” shares Deepak. 

He adds, “The theme of the photo walk was meticulously planned by our team and revolved around ‘designs’. The participants were guided to focus on four vital aspects of designs namely lines, shapes, texture and colour.

  The objective of choosing this theme was to help them understand the essential components of a good composition.

  The event was a huge success with the most important take away being the response of the happy participants after they captured the sunlight at dawn,” he says. Another grand event that is held in Cubbon Park is ‘Hari ghas par ksan bhar’ (a moment on the green grass) by ‘Anjuman’— the Hindi-Urdu poetry club of Bengaluru that always manages to mesmerise the crowd with beautiful poetry.

What’s great is that there is an encouraging audience every time a session is held. The place even witnesses a one-hour performance by Police Band, comprising musicians from Karnataka State Reserve Police, from 8 am on Sundays. This is apart from the one-hour concerts – Morning Raga and Evening Raga at 6 am and 5 pm. A lot of cycling enthusiasts like to hit the park in groups.