Hygiene at Udupi government hospital in the pits

Hygiene at Udupi government hospital in the pits

Damaged drain on premises remains untouched; authorities continue to pass the buck

Hygiene at Udupi government hospital in the pits

The irregularities in the district government hospital has heightened, forcing patients there to suffer besides their diseases, as the drain pit on the premises is damaged and the effluents are flowing all over the hospital ground.

The pit, which is in front of the mortuary, is damaged and the sewage water is leaking all over the area. The seepage comprises of the effluents discharged with foul smell. The waste from the entire hospital is being collected in the pit and the damage has made the surroundings an unhealthy ambience for the living. The patients and the other people, who use the path as the roadway, are experiencing hell, as a result.

The damage occurred about 10 days ago, yet, the district hospital administration is clueless about how to deal with it – which only shows the height of irresponsibility – of the administration. The administration, so far, has tried to only transport the responsibility to the district administration, saying the work should be carried out as per the rules following the deputy commissioner’s approval.

The City Municipal Council too is not concerned as they have only helped the hospital with the cleaning and pumping out the sewage from the pit without additional powers.

Social activist Nityananda Olakadu told Deccan Herald that the issue had been brought to the notice of the district surgeon. “The issue, however, is still being considered and the deputy commissioner is contacted for further action,” he said, complaining that the condition in and around the hospital is extremely unhygienic and the Health Department officials are least worried about the severity of the problem.

Olakadu warned that he would only wait for three days and later take up the stringent protest before the hospital, demanding the repair. “The pit should be repaired immediately and the district administration should not play with the lives of the patients and the people of the region,” he added.

The mortuary official said as the region comprises of a residential area, the people in the neighbourhood were suffering, besides the patients. “The sewage water is flowing beyond the hospital compound, making it a severe problem,” he added.

Praveen Devadiga, a relative of one of the patients, said that it would be impossible to stay in the hospital if the administration does not repair the pit within the next couple of days.

“There is already a lot of foul smell spreading and the situation is horrible, calling for immediate attention,” he complained.

There is also a possibility of the sewage water entering the Municipality pipes passing in the residential areas, if the water pipes are damaged. There is also a swimming pool adjacent to the district stadium and there are possibilities of the water in the swimming pool getting contaminated if the damage to the pit is left unattended to.

It is said the pit and the drainage system was built about 40 years ago and it has remained untouched since. According to sources, the blockage in the channels might have caused the damage in the pit.

The district surgeon Dr R Mahendra said measures are taken to repair the pit, starting Thursday.

“The estimated cost is Rs 10 lakh, which will be released immediately. The works pertaining to the district government hospital can be done only through the Karnataka Health System Development and Reform Project,” he added.

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