Clicks on the cobble

Clicks on the cobble

Clicks on the cobble

A bright red window dressed with dainty, white lace curtains. A window sill decorated with pots in vibrant colours and flowers, pretty and tender. An equally cheerful red front door. Warm and inviting, making the curious visitor even more curious.

This is a typical sight at Brugge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that is tucked away in the north-west corner of Belgium. It is an hour away from Brussels via a delightful train journey. With its cobbled paths, Medieval architecture and well-preserved homes, Brugge is enchanting, romantic, warm and friendly.

As we came out of the railway station, we were welcomed by the pleasant weather. The place was green and we knew that it was best seen on foot.
So we set off with a backpack, camera and most importantly, our enthusiastic selves. And Brugge did not disappoint. It just embraced us and we were more than happy to soak in the sights and sounds of the place.

Every sight was worth a picture. As we walked leisurely on the cobbled paths, we witnessed the charming houses, beautiful waterways, canals and greenery. The path soon led us to the ‘Markt’, the city centre, where we waited in a long line to get on top of the Belfry, a Medieval bell tower, to see the many bells and a breathtaking view of the city. Being a heritage site, only 70 people are allowed at a time on the Belfry. So the wait was a little long. We climbed 366 steps of a narrow, winding staircase and surprisingly, we were not tired. We then headed to the Historium, a which took us back to the 15th century Brugge.
You are virtually standing in the middle of scenes from the pages of history such as the old port or master painter Jan Van Eyck’s studio. You step into the past and smell, feel and experience what life was like during the Medieval times.

As we came out of the museum into the marketplace, we got to see exquisite horse carriages as the sky turned a lovely shade of blue  and the soothing breeze added to the charm.

Our energy levels were still high and we walked to the Choco Story Museum, losing our way. Even that was an experience by itself as we didn’t have gadgets to take us from one point to another. Finally, after trying out different paths, we reached our destination, which was a delight.

Our last stop was the Basilica of the Holy Blood, located at the Burg Square. While we bid a reluctant farewell to Brugge, we did not want the journey to end. We knew the memories of the fascinating place would be etched in our hearts forever.

Swati Kakodkar
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