'Global data business grows to $1.6 t'

'Global data business grows to $1.6 t'

'Global data business grows to $1.6 t'

Fuelled by the Internet of Things, mobility, and the growing enterprise customers moving to cloud, the global data business has grown to a whopping $1.6 trillion, said Microsoft Corporation Corporate Vice President (Data Platform, Cloud and Enterprise) T K Rengarajan.

Delivering the inaugural address as part of the ‘SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015’ organised by  SQLServerGeeks.com on Thursday, Rengarajan said the world of data and cloud is evolving daily, and today’s enterprises across eCommerce, manufacturing, retail, healthcare segments among others are all getting on the data platform and experiencing the power of cloud in a big way.

“Real companies make real products and real solutions based on data. Microsoft Data Strategy would be to maximise the value derived from all such accessible data. The strategy would be to go cloud first with other things following,” he said.

The Microsoft data platform is evolved, reliable and people-focused and will be more productive and easily accessible to customers, said Rengarajan.

Data is central in all businesses and SQL, cloud, DBA, data warehousing, data security, open source, hybrid cloud are getting critical and non-negotiable today.

“The data business at Microsoft manages 1.5 million databases and collects 70 TB of data daily. The key focus for the data platform would be to make data simpler and more capable,” said Rengarajan.

He said till date SQL has been one of the greatest releases of Microsoft. “At Microsoft, we have assembled an incredible data platform and this is the beginning of another two decades of impressive data technology,” he added.

Speaking at the function, Chairman of the Conference and Director of eDominer Systems, Amit R S Bansal, said that data is the key to an organisation’s success. “With the right data, we can do wonders. Asia has a huge talent pool of data professionals,” he said.