Meet not to review govt's work, inputs will be discussed: RSS

Last Updated 31 August 2015, 13:48 IST
The three-day coordination meeting of RSS and its affiliates will be bigger than usual and issues like census figures and OROP may come up for discussion during the exercise which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to attend.

RSS chief spokesperson Manmohan Vaidya today said 93 main functionaries of the Hindutva organisation and its 15 affiliates will "exchange notes" over relevant issues during the coordination meeting starting from September 2.

Playing down reports that the functioning of the Modi dispensation will also come up for discussion, he told reporters, "This meeting is not meant to review the government's work or take a decision. Nor will it be at the centre of our discussion. But yes we will get all kinds of inputs and discuss that."

Such coordination meeting occurs twice a year but it will be bigger than the regular such exercise. The participation will be almost double than usual, Vaidya said.

"This time the meeting is bigger. It is happening because lot many things are happening in our society and there will be wider inputs from everybody," he said. Speaking about Modi's participation, he said the Prime Minister will attend the event according to his convenience. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat besides a host of government ministers will also attend the exercise.

Asked if census figures will be discussed, he said it may happen and a discussion on the one-rank-one-pension issue, can also take place if inputs were made.

RSS affiliates like VHP and Hindutva leaders like BJP MP Yogi Aditynath have expressed concern over the rise in the Muslims share of population and demanded the implementation of uniform civil code and population control measures.

On OROP, Vaidya added that the government had already made an announcement of accepting this demand and now working out its modalities.

He said RSS has seen a big growth in its work and it will be among the issues to be discussed. The number of people trained by the organisation for initiation into it functioning had risen this year to 1.15 lakh from 80 thousand in the last year.

Asked if it was due to a friendly government at the centre, he quipped that RSS had done very well in Kerala, where BJP is a marginal player and has never been in power.

Among the 93 high level functionaries participating, 25 will be from RSS and the rest from its affiliates.

As they work across the country throughout the year and interact with a wide section of people, coordination meeting is held in which they exchange notes about "what is happening in society and what is on people's mind".
(Published 31 August 2015, 13:48 IST)

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