Education system needs serious reforms

Education system needs serious reforms


It was shocking to read in national dailies that 255 PhD holders were among the 23 Lakh applicants for 368 vacancies for the post of peon in UP government Secretariat, where the minimum qualification for the post of peon is that the candidate must have cleared class five and should know how to ride a bicycle.

The galloping rate at which graduates are mass produced from universities is one of the reasons for such a young workforce in organisations today. However employability is a serious problem in India as our education system is one-dimensional and lays emphasis only on scoring marks and not acquiring skills required for job.

The skill profile of a modern employee has undergone a sea change as organisations prefer people with multiple skills like being a good team player, ability to take initiative, leadership, flexibility, adaptability and also creative thinking skills.

It is important that Education policy makers review the situation and reorient the education system to bridge the gap between demand and supply of employable graduates.

T S Karthik, Chennai

Government justified in dropping Indira, Rajiv stamps


The decision of the Central Government to discontinue the postage stamps of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi has not surprisingly, invited flak from the Congress party.

The Congress cannot expect the NDA government to continue the legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi family indefinitely as it has to give prominence to other personages also.

The Congress, however can reintroduce the legacy of the Nehru-Gandhi family if and when it returns to power at the centre.

At that time in the changed climes it can bring out stamps in honour of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Congress party, is totally wedded to the Nehru- Gandhi family and one cannot think of the existence of the party sans the dynasty.

K. R . Jayaprakash Rao, Mysuru

Mahesh Sharma’s Kalam remark could harm communal harmony


The outrageous remarks by the sitting Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma in an interview to a television channel that despite being a Muslim, late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, was a true nationalist, betrays the deeply entrenched and unconcealed prejudices of his party, the BJP and its saffron associates against members of Muslim community at large.

Such remarks have the potential of disturbing the communal harmony.The minister’s conduct is despicable and deserves universal condemnation.

It is yet another example of the party’s continuing attempts to polarize the society for electoral gains. He  owes an unqualified public apology to the entire nation.

Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi act and sack him immediately from his Council of Ministers? Going by his inaction in the recent past against the questionable conduct of  one of his senior ministers, it is unlikely.

His inaction against this minister should be interpreted as his own endorsement of the minister’s remarks. This will set a dangerous precedent. The ball is now clearly in the Prime Minister’s court.

S.K.Choudhury, Bengaluru

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