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Dear madam,
I have completed my XII standard with 93 per cent and have decided to pursue mechanical engineering. When would I be eligible to go abroad to do MS and what are the examinations that I have to attend for this? My college starts in August. So, when would be a good time to start preparing for MS? Would it be better to work first and then pursue MS? Since I come from a middle-class family, I would like to know the scholarships I could avail? Apart from this, what should one do to join ISRO?
J R Suraj

Dear Suraj,
To study MS abroad, you need to write the GRE and IELTS/ TOEFL. Apart from maintaining a high GPA, work on projects outside your regular coursework. Prepare an
interesting resume highlighting your awards and achievements in areas such as academic, extracurricular, work experience, internships, sports and community service. Research universities where you wish to study and start communicating with professors at those universities. Scholarships, research assistantships and teaching
assistantships are offered to talented academic achievers.
To join ISRO, you need to complete your BTech or BE in subjects like electronics,
electrical, computer science or mechanical engineering. You need to have aggregate score of 60 per cent and above every year. ISRO conducts a written test annually to recruit students. The exam is generally held in the month of April. You can register for this test online and take it while you are in your final year of degree.


Dear Madam,
I have completed my diploma in architecture (three years) and would like to pursue bachelors degree in the same. Diplomas in other fields have a lateral entry but a diploma in architecture doesn’t. I do not wish to study the same syllabus of architecture in my bachelors too. Are there any courses abroad that are of two or three years? Are they valid in India?
Swati Arora

Dear Swati,
All UK universities except the ones in Scotland offer three year degrees. There are some British universities which offer a two year fast track programme. Some of the good UK universities for architecture are Nottingham Trent, Bath, Sheffield, Cardiff, Westminster, Middlesex, Kent and Newcastle. The bachelor programmes these universities offer are recognised in India.


Dear Madam,
I am a final year engineering (ECE) student. I wish to pursue my masters in aerospace abroad. Can I change my major if I study in USA? What are the chances of universities accepting an electronics student into aerospace? I am very confused as my interest lies in aerospace field. Please help.
Amulya U

Dear Amulya,
Yes, you can change your
major. If your GPA is high and you have studied core subjects like physics and math in engineering, you have nothing to worry about. Take the GRE and TOEFL IBT test and get good scores. For more information, visit the website  www.umaaswani.com.


Dear Madam,
I am pursuing my MTech in structures (civil-CSE) at RV college of Engineering, Bengaluru. I completed my BE with 9.2 aggregate (CGPA). My GATE 2014 score is 407. I wish to pursue PhD abroad and would like to know the procedures involved and also  sponsorship details.
Charitha Rajashekhar

Dear Charitha,
First, you need to identify where you want to carry out your research work. Ideally, one of your professors at your present institute could refer you to a colleague in a different country or university. You should then go to the website of that university and research the works of the professor
under whom you intend to study. Write to them telling them about yourself, your
research interest and why you want them to be your guide. Your letter to them should show that you are serious, well qualified, have specific plans, are familiar with the professor’s work, have done thorough research and utilised all the freely available information on their website. Follow these steps carefully and it will
certainly lead you to your goal. PhD programmes are fully funded in most countries. It is important that you communicate directly with the universities.


Dear Madam,
I am currently in the third year of visual communication course at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and will graduate next year. I would like to study textile design after this, either at a bachelors or a master’s level. I would prefer the course to have a robust syllabus including basics and advanced knowledge of dyeing, surface design and printing, and weaving. I prefer the course to be under  three years, after which I would like to start working. Which German institutes offer textile design courses in English language. Do they also offer scholarships?
Manjusha Muthiah

Dear Manjusha,
Below is a list of universities in Europe that offer textile design courses at undergraduate and graduate level. I have provided the website address of each university which you can access for complete course details, tuition fee etc:

*University of Borås, Sweden, www.hb.se.
*University of Bern,Switzerland, www.unibe.ch.
*University of Provence, France, www.univ-amu.fr.
*University of Paderborn,

Germany, www.uni-paderborn.de.
*Hamburg University of

Applied Sciences, Germany, www.fh-hamburg.de.
*University of Pardubice, Czech Republic, www.upce.cz.
*University of Applied Sciences Hof, Germany, www.holf-university.de.
*University of Lapland,

Finland, www.ulapland.fi.
*Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland, www.lamk.fi.
*RWTH Aachen University, Germany, www.rwth-aachen.de.
*Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic, www.tul.cz/en.
*Dresden University of Technology, Germany, www.tu-dresden.de.
*University College Capital, Denmark, www.ucc.dk.
*Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway, www.khio.no.
*University of Gothenburg, Sweden, www.gu.se.
*Aalto University, Finland, www.aalto.fi.
*Blaise Pascal University, France, www.univ-bpclermont.fr.
*École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, France, www.aefe.fr.
*Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences, Germany, www.fh-reutlingen.de.
*University of Salamanca, Spain, www.usal.es.
*University of Zaragoza, Spain, www.unizar.es.
*University of Bremen,

Germany, www.uni-bremen.de/en.
*University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden, www.konstfack.se.
*Cardenal Herrera University, Spain, www.uchceu.es.

Good luck!

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